• MystMotone101

    Alright, this is Myst Motone, and a huge recent case of trolling has occured over the past few months. We have "The People's Cutie", Tails being a thing. A huge case of random accounts unknown about just started popping up, with a lot of dislikes on COH and CXWI videos. On top of that, has had a massive case of people trolling the accounts. Primary victims include me, Torrin, and many others. I went around blaming others already, but I feel like it's best if I mention it here, just in case someone here happens to know for some strange reason. 

    I don't want anything personal to come out of this, I just want all of this finished as soon as possible, for my sake and for the sake of others.

    Also, for the love of God, please take this seriā€¦

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