• RWfan

    Where CAWverse Begins Update

    December 16, 2011 by RWfan

    Hey Guys it's OzzieBoy again, this blog will be a short one.

    Where CAWverse Begins, have become very important to me as I take CAWverse as a Job and if I can't do the job or something gets in my way that disallows me to do so. It becomes futrating for me, I know that Vivianverse is out there and people want in it but CAWverse is here too and just because if just started doesn't mean it will be a no body Association. I will not give up and I will make sure CAWverse will make it big.

    Now onto Where CAWverse Begins, I'm not asking for much. If you guys have seen my recent Youtube Video go and see it because it tells a lot about the event (type in CAWverse to go to the channel). And I will make sure it will be a good night for all of us to remem…

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  • RWfan

    Where CAWverse Begins

    December 14, 2011 by RWfan

    CAWverse is a multi CAW Fed association so any CAW Fed out there (mostly want Original Fed). We work by work agreement meaning that a CAW Fed that is apart of CAWverse and borrow other's CAWs, it is also about making a pact, helping each other out and reminding everyone of what CAW Wrestling stands for.

    PCWE - Pro CAW Wrestling Entertainment


    ECOW Wrestling

    WCWE - World Championship Wrestling Entertainment

    It is our first Multi-CAW Fed Mega Event it will have a whole bunch of Matches.

    Interpromotional Matches;

    CJ Vandell (PCWE)

    Keno Lebell (PCWE)

    Kent (PCWE)

    Leo Maximo (PCWE)

    Mike Jobs (PCWE)

    Rezno Vanco (PCWE)

    TJ Page (PCWE)

    Tyson Jrak (PCWE)

    Yuri Nage (PCWE)

    King of CAWverse Tournament:

    Alex Air (WCWE)

    Alex Sabin (WCWE)

    Chris Shelley (WCWE)

    Ethan Pel…

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