Hey Guys it's OzzieBoy again, this blog will be a short one.

Where CAWverse Begins, have become very important to me as I take CAWverse as a Job and if I can't do the job or something gets in my way that disallows me to do so. It becomes futrating for me, I know that Vivianverse is out there and people want in it but CAWverse is here too and just because if just started doesn't mean it will be a no body Association. I will not give up and I will make sure CAWverse will make it big.

Now onto Where CAWverse Begins, I'm not asking for much. If you guys have seen my recent Youtube Video go and see it because it tells a lot about the event (type in CAWverse to go to the channel). And I will make sure it will be a good night for all of us to remember for a long time.

There is still plenty of spot left as I only have about 3 Feds in there already and they have even answered back, anyways here is the Fed that are apart of it again.

PCWE - Pro CAW Wrestling Entertainment


WCWE - World Championship Wrestling Entertainment

So yea it would be a pretty poor event with only 3 Feds with 2 haven't responded back to my PMs. I know my Channel has only 6 subs, but what can I do I have a new channel and I can't aspect like 500+ subs in under a week or 2. So just for this one any Fed out there is free to join and please help me make this a good Mega Event

Here is the Match Card:

Interpromtional Matches:

CJ Vandell (PCWE)

Keno Lebell (PCWE)

Kent (PCWE)

Leo Maximo (PCWE)

Mike Jobs (PCWE)

Rezno Vanco (PCWE)

Tj Page (PCWE)

Tyson Jrak (PCWE)

Yuri Nage (PCWE)

King of CAWverse Tournament:

Alex Air (WCWE)

Alex Sabin (WCWE)

Chris Sabin (WCWE)

Ethan Pelland (WCWE)

Jay Monty (PCWE)

Justin Huffman (PCWE)

Logan (PCWE)

Marcus Evans (PCWE)

Sly (PCWE)

The Seeker (PCWE)

Tyler Knight (PCWE)

PCWE Matches:

PCWE Championship Match:

Damian Dean vs Ozzie

Christian Classic & Joe Dustin vs The Awesome Future (Ryan Awesome & Chris Xross)

Daniel Jackson vs Jama Williams

Lexver vs El Tigero

PCWE Tag Team Championship Match:

The Main Impact (Adam & Mikey O'Reilly) vs The Kings of CAW (Jacob & Charlie Conrad)


Steve McMullan vs Curt Micheals

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