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    October 8, 2009 by Rageahollic33

    SEASON 1.

    New years Redeption was held in detroit , michigan


    1.  naruto pinned cloud after the ninja ddt

    2.   Pan  pinned tiffa lockheart with the kamehameha kick to win the ladys championship

    3. james bond made Rambo submit  after using the agent lock to win the Internet title

    4.   MK defead street fighters to win the tagtitles

    after the match ken turned on ryu and became ken the dark masters and put ryu in a masterlock

    5.  PeterGriffin defeted , homer simpson , shao kahn , mario , kanye west , m.bison to win the RWF title in the chamber match

    Season 2 king of rage  held in dayton , ohio

    1. kanye west beat naruto to win the xdivision title

    2.  bulma defeated pan to win the ladys title

    3. james bond beat rocky to retain the internet title

    4.  ken beat …

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