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    June 23, 2014 by Xaypay

    These are plans I have for the upcoming promotion i'm making. Do NOT COPY!

    WFCE is an idea created in 2013 but will debut in September of this year 2014. And will have CAWS and original superstars from WWE. WFCE will start on WWE 13 and will drop down to being on WWE 12 once roster is down and up again to WWE 14.

    This is the future and planned roster for WFCE Monday Nitro




    An Extreme Rules Last Man Standing and Falls Count Anywhere match that was created by Stone Cold Steve Austin and is a honarable match to compete in against Stone Cold in every CPV that are included: Last Human Left, WrestleMania, and Spring Break.

    This will be the excepted CPV's for the season's! :D

    • September - Best In The World
    • October - Roots To Death
    • November - In Y…

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