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    First of all, I wanna appologize for the long delay, and spratic posting of my CAW league as of late. Life happens, and there is nothing I can do about that, but embrace the change, and take on these new interests. With all of that being said, I still love to do XGWL, and all of the steps in creating my CAW league.

    Now that I've gotten all of that out of the way, let's go into the subject at hand. Here is a list of CAW leagues that have influenced me to do XGWL before getting it up and running.

    Not the 1st CAW League I've seen, but the style of CAW League they ran with a combination of Indy Wrestlers, Celebrities, and Original CAWs was a match made in heaven with the style that I like, plus the commentator was great as well. The storylines m…

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    Back when I started XGWL back in 2007, (WOW! I feel old) I had a choice of either going with Fantasy or Original, and here is the reason I went with "Original"

    • It was saturated with Fantasy CAW Leagues at the time
    • I couldn't figure out on who to have on the roster who haven't been in CAW yet.
    • I've already had a roster of Original CAWs on SDvR2007
    • People were already asking me to have their CAWs in XGWL once it started

    There was some fantasy CAW leagues that I liked, and wanted to model after, but I wanted to go in my own direction to get things started. On the next blog post, I'll list some CAW Leagues that I've taken little bits to piece together into how to get the ball rolling for XGWL.

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    There is some CAW Leagues that has a solo commentator, and other leagues that has a commentating team. While either has their advantages and disadvantages, I'll go with why I like the commentator team approach better...

    1. Having a dialouge going
      • With opposing points of view, the dialouge become fun when doing the show
      • Have the play-by-play commentator be the more "serious" of the team and call the moves
      • Have the color commentator be the jokster who gives the "serious" commentator a hard time about being "serious" and make random comments
      • The daialouge makes things interesting
    2. Fills out the "dead" air time
      • There are times with a solo commentator runs out things to talk about during the entrances, or when the action in the ring is slow
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    About the CAW Draft

    November 13, 2011 by Xtremetony

    For those who don't know what the CAW Draft is, it's a Multi-League CAW event to bring in rookies to all CAW leagues who take part in the draft.

    In Original CAW, the best way to build characters is to start them from the ground up, and the Draft is a great tool to do so. A good example of how the CAW Draft produced a rags to riches story is when World CAW Wrestling (WCW) Drafted Rick Acid #1 Overall in the 2010 CAW Draft, and became the WCW World Champion in his rookie year.

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