Back when I started XGWL back in 2007, (WOW! I feel old) I had a choice of either going with Fantasy or Original, and here is the reason I went with "Original"

  • It was saturated with Fantasy CAW Leagues at the time
  • I couldn't figure out on who to have on the roster who haven't been in CAW yet.
  • I've already had a roster of Original CAWs on SDvR2007
  • People were already asking me to have their CAWs in XGWL once it started

There was some fantasy CAW leagues that I liked, and wanted to model after, but I wanted to go in my own direction to get things started. On the next blog post, I'll list some CAW Leagues that I've taken little bits to piece together into how to get the ball rolling for XGWL.

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