First of all, I wanna appologize for the long delay, and spratic posting of my CAW league as of late. Life happens, and there is nothing I can do about that, but embrace the change, and take on these new interests. With all of that being said, I still love to do XGWL, and all of the steps in creating my CAW league.

Now that I've gotten all of that out of the way, let's go into the subject at hand. Here is a list of CAW leagues that have influenced me to do XGWL before getting it up and running.

TWF (The Wrestling Federation)

Not the 1st CAW League I've seen, but the style of CAW League they ran with a combination of Indy Wrestlers, Celebrities, and Original CAWs was a match made in heaven with the style that I like, plus the commentator was great as well. The storylines made sense, and kept me watching. A reason why I asked to have my CAW in his league. I just wish they would come out of their haiatus that they've been in since 2010.


I think many of us who have been involved in CAW for a long time, have seen this CAW league. This was the 1st CAW league I've seen in 2006. Not much else to say. It was fun while it lasted

WWA/MIW (World Wrestling Alliance/Major Impact Wrestling)

Another CAW league that I've modeled after, and my CAWs were a part of. The action was a bit toned down, and the commentator sounded a bit boring, but overall, it was a solid CAW league.

US-FWA (United States Frontier Wrestling Alliance)

A CAW league I personally did commentary for the entire duraction back in 2007 & right before I started XGWL. The action was great. The roster was mainly fantasy CAWs with a few real wrestlers & originals. You can call this my Basic Training for running my CAW league. From the notes for the storylines, to putting matches together.

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