Judgment Day 2013
VWF Judgment Day 2013
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Promotion Vixenz Wrestling Federation
Date February 24, 2013
Venue VWF Arena
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Theme Song "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga
Last Event VWF Rumble Roses 2013
Next Event VWF Vixenmania 2


VWF Championship
Abdala Bin Laden (c) vs. Aerith Gainsborough, Lindsay Lohan, Mickie James, or Tifa Lockhart

VWF Intergalactic Championship
Gina Carano (c) vs. Harley Quinn, Danica Patrick, or Rowdy Rekio

For the Queen of the Mountain Briefcase; Stipulation TBD
Ashlee Simpson vs. Haruka Tenoh

Usagi Tsukino vs. Makoto Kino; Stipulation TBD

VWF Tag Team Championship; Stipulation TBD
The Dewynter Sisters (Kiki Dewynter & Viola Dewynter) (c) vs. Lara Croft & Jill Valentine


# Result Stipulation
1 Lightning def. Aerith Gainsborough (c) Hardcore Match for the VWF Hardcore Championship
2 The Dewynter Sisters (Kiki Dewynter & Viola Dewynter) (c) def. Lara Croft & Jill Valentine Steel Cage Match for the VWF Tag Team Championship
3 Ashlee Simpson def. Haruka Tenoh Ladder Match for the Queen of the Mountain Briefcase
4 Gina Carano (c) def. Harley Quinn Singles Match for the VWF Intergalactic Championship
5 Usagi Tsukino def. Makoto Kino Last Vixen Standing Match
6 Abdala Bin Laden (c) def. Lindsay Lohan Tables Match for the VWF Championship
  • 3. Michiru Kaioh tries to interfere but she was too late.
  • 4. Harley rigged it so she would be chosen and not Danica Patrick or Rowdy Reiko.
  • 6. Usagi Tsukino brawled with Abadala post-match until Makoto Kino saved Abdala. Rei Hino & Minato Aino came in the ring to help out Usagi but they turn against her as Abadala, Makoto, Rei, & Minato ganged up on her.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Usagi Tsukino and Tifa Lockhart say good luck for their matches to each other.
  • Harley Quinn wanted to know who was the mystery vixen for the IG title match, but Fred says no to her and told her to get out of his office before he hands her a pink slip.
  • A security guard tried to stop Harley to enter the production truck but failed.
  • Lightning and Aerith decided to settle things once and for all at VixenMania 2.