Retribution 2012
VWF Retribution 2012
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Promotion Vixenz Wrestling Federation
Date October 28, 2012
Venue VWF Arena
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Theme Song "Revolution" by Pennywise
Last Event VWF Vixenmania
Next Event VWF WarGames 2012


VWF Championship
Ami Mizuno (c) vs. Ashlee Simpson

VWF Intergalactic Championship
Yuna (c) vs. Minako Aino

Gears of War (Anya Stroud & Samantha Byrne) vs. Dewynter Sisters (Kiki Dewynter & Viola Dewynter)

VWF Tag Team Championship
The Sailor Senshi (Usagi Tsunkino & Makoto Kino) (c) vs. Rinoa Heartilly & Sakura Haruno

VWF Hardcore Championship
LuFisto (c) vs. Linsday Lohan

PLUS: A bonus match with Gina Carano. Who will be victim #5?

NOTE: Card subject to change.


# Result Stipulation
1 Gears of War def. Dewynter Sisters Women's Tag Team Match
2 Lightning vs. Aerith Gainsborough ended in a double countout Singles Match
3 Lindsay Lohan def. LuFisto (c) Hardcore Match for the VWF Hardcore Championship
4 Yuna (c) def. Minako Aino Singles Match for the VWF Intergalactic Championship
5 Sakura Haruno def. The Sailor Senshi (c) Handicap Match for the VWF Tag Team Championship
6 Gina Carano def. X-23 Singles Match
7 Ami Mizuno (c) def. Ashlee Simpson Singles Match for the VWF Championship
  • 1. While the Gears of War was celebrating their win after the match, the Dewynter Sisters attack them from behind.
  • 2. This match was made after Lightning laid out Rinoa Heartilly while Rinoa was having an interview with Tiffany.
  • 3. The match started in the back as both vixens were punching to each other.
  • 7. After the match, a mysterious force knocked out Ami.


  • VWF Owner Fredrick J. Francis called out Lightning to the ring after what she did to Rinoa. Fredrick was so pissed of Lightning's actions, he decided to punish her by putting her in a match and her opponent was none other than Aerith Gainsborough.
  • Fredrick told the Sailor Senshi of the situation of what happened to Rinoa and unless Sakura doesn't get a replacement partner by the end of the Intergalactic title match, it will be the Sailor Senshi vs. Sakura in a handicap match for the tag titles.
  • Rei Hino wished Ami good luck in her match against Ashlee.