Rumble Roses
VWF Rumble Roses
Tagline(s) "The Road to VixenMania Begins!"
Promotion Vixenz Wrestling Federation
Date January 22, 2012
Venue Vixenz Arena
City {{{city}}}
Theme Song "Digital (Did You Tell)" by Stone Sour
Last Event VWF Femme Fatale
Next Event VWF Judgment Day

20 Vixenz Royal Rumble Match - Winner face the VWF Champion at Vixenmania.

VWF Championship:
Usagi Tsukino (c) vs. Abdala Bin Laden

VWF Tag Team Championship:
Haruka & Michiru (c) vs. Tequila Sunrise

X-23 vs. Danica Patrick

# Result Stipulation
1 X-23 defeated Danica Patrick Singles match
2 Haruka & Michiru (c) defeated Tequila Sunrise (Dixie Clemets & Reiko Hinomoto) Tag Team match for the VWF Tag Team Championship
3 Abdala Bin Laden defeated Queen Usagi (c) Singles match for the VWF Championship
4 Ami Mizuno is the winner 20-Vixenz Royal Rumble Match
  • 3 - Abdala use a steel chair on Usagi during the match.
  • 4 - Ami Mizuno wanted VWF Owner Fred James Francis' help to find the person who stealing her powers but Fred had his hands full in VWF so due to Ami's asking for help, he got so furious, he forced Ami to start the Vixens Royal Rumble Match as #1. Abdala warned Ami that she will face her a new dark side of her at Vixenmania.

Royal Rumble Results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Ami Mizuno N/A WINNER
2 Jessica Simpson 2 Rei Hino
3 Danica Patrick 4 Ami Mizuno
4 Rikku 1 Ami Mizuno
5 Rei Hino 3 Ami Mizuno
6 Tifa Lockheart 7 Lara Croft
7 Olivia Munn 6 Ami Mizuno
8 Morgan Webb 5 Olivia Munn
9 Makoto Kino 13 Ami Mizuno
10 Lindsay Lohan 9 Makoto Kino
11 Lara Croft 8 Lindsay Lohan
12 X-23 11 Makoto Kino
13 LuFisto 10 X-23
14 Minako Aino 14 Jill Valentine
15 Hilary Duff 12 Ami Mizuno
16 Jill Valentine 18 Yuna
17 Sakura Haruno 17 Yuna
18 Rinoa Heartilly 15 Ashlee Simpson
19 Ashlee Simpson 16 Yuna
20 Yuna 19 Ami Mizuno

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Lindsay Lohan told Abdala that she didn't win the Vixens Royal Rumble, then Abdala fired her from her services.
  • Lohan told Tifa that she signed a contract with VWF and no longer a member of Al Qaeda.

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