Rumble Roses 2K14
Tagline(s) "The Road to VixenMania Starts Here!"
Promotion Vixenz Wrestling Federation
Date January 26, 2014
Venue VWF Arena
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Theme Song "Strike Back" by We As Human
Last Event VWF Femme Fatale 2013
Next Event VWF Judgment Day 2014

40 Vixen Omega Rumble Match (The winner face the VWF Champion at Vixenmania)

Battle for Ownership - I Quit Match:
Freddy Jay Francis vs. Mio Kuroki; If Fred wins, he gets his Ownership back. If Mio wins, she get a real VW contract to sign and retain Ownership.

VWF Championship:
Aerith Gainsborough (c) vs. Usagi Tsukino

VWF Tag Team Championship:
Haruka & Michiru (c) vs. Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong

VWF Intergalactic Championship - Triple Threat Match:
Cat Zingano (c) vs. Lighting vs. Mickie James

VWF Hardcore Championship:
Erza Scarlet (c) vs. Yuna


# Result Stipulation
1 Lightning def. Cat Zingano (c) and Mickie James Triple Threat Match for the VWF Intergalactic Championship
2 Erza Scarlet (c) def. Yuna Hardcore Match for the VWF Hardcore Championship
3 Beth Phoenix & Awesome Kong def. The Dewynter Sisters (Kiwi Dewynter & Viola Dewynter) Tag Team Match
4 Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong def. Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh (c) Tag Team Match for the VWF Tag Team Championship
5 Jill Valentine eliminated Awesome Kong to win 40-Vixen Omega Rumble Match
6 Freddy Jay Francis def. Mio Kuroki I Quit Match for the VWF Ownership
7 Usagi Tsukino def. Aerith Gainsborough (c) Singles Match for the VWF Championship
  • 3 - Ami Mizuno ordered the Dewynters wrestle as punishment for attacking Rinoa & Tina earlier and their opponents was revealed as Beth Phoenix & Awesome Kong.
  • 6 - Makoto & Minako threw Mio out after the match.
  • 7 - Usagi, Ami and Tifa Lockhart cured Aerith from her memory loss by Usagi giving Aerith a turnbuckle brainbuster. After the match, Usagi discarded the belt.

Omega Rumble Results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Harley Quinn 8 Ashlee
2 Panty 1 Harly
3 Poison Ivy 7 Samus
4 Hilary Duff 2 Ivy
5 Samus Aran 9 Ashlee
6 Makoto Kino 3 Harley
7 Lightning 5 Samus
8 Tina Armstrong 4 Harley
9 Ashlee Simpson 15 Cat
10 Chun-Li 6 Ashlee
11 Stocking 12 Ashlee
12 Jessica Simpson 11 Ashlee
13 Michiru Kaioh 14 Yuna
14 Tifa Lockhart 13 Michiru
15 Samantha Byrne 10 Tifa
16 Yuna 18 Cat
17 LuFisto 21 Cat
18 Cat Zingano 29 Gina
19 Haruka Tenoh 16 Yuna
20 Lara Croft 17 Yuna
21 Beth Phoenix 22 Dixie
22 Danica Patrick 19 Cat
23 Mickie James 20 LuFisto
24 Dixie Clemets 23 Cat
25 Hinata Hyuga 26 Viola
26 X-23 24 Cat
27 Erza Scarlet 25 Hinata
28 Viola Dewynter 31 Rinoa
29 Sakura Haruno 27 Viola
30 Kiwi Dewynter 28 Viola
31 Gina Carano 36 Jill
32 Rikku 34 Rei
33 Anya Stroud 30 Paige
34 Rinoa Heartilly 33 Gina
35 Paige 32 Rikku
36 Rei Hino 38 Kong
37 Melina 35 Rei
38 Awesome Kong 39 Jill
39 Minako Aino 37 Kong
40 Jill Valentine N/A WINNER


  • Tifa and Gina Carano make their returns.
  • WWE NXT's Paige made her VWF in-ring debut.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Rinoa & Tina got jumped by the Dewynter Sisters during an interview with Eve Torres.
  • Mio asked Aerith to not interfered in her match.

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