VWF Tag Team Championship
Current champion(s) Panty & Stocking
Date Won March 30, 2014
League Vixenz Wrestling Federation
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Introduced October 3, 2011
Most reigns The Dewynter Sisters (Kiki Dewynter & Viola Dewynter); Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh (2 times)
First Champion Team G4 (Olivia Munn & Morgan Webb)
Last Champion
Longest Reign Sailor Senshi (217 days)
Shortest Reign Team G4 (28 days)
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Past design(s) VWF Tag Team Championship V1
VWF Tag Team Championship V2
VWF Tag Team Championship V3

The VWF Tag Team Championship is the top tag titles in the Vixenz Wrestling Federation. The first champions was determined in a women's tag team match. Team G4 (Olivia Munn & Morgan Webb) defeated The Simpson Sisters (Jessica & Ashlee Simpson) to become the first champions on October 3, 2012 on the Season 1 Premiere of VWF Monday Night Nitro. The current champions is Panty & Stocking, who defeated Angels of Xtreme, The Gullwings, Gotham City Sirens, and the Dewynter Sisters in a Tag Team Turmoil on March 30, 2014 at VixenMania 3.

VWF Tag Team Championship History:

Vixens Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Season 1
Team G4
(Olivia Munn & Morgan Webb)
1 October 3, 2011 28 Vixenz Arena VWF Nitro S1E1
Tequila Sunrise
(Dixie Clemets & Reiko Hinomoto)
1 October 31, 2011 55 Vixenz Arena VWF Nitro S1E5
Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh 1 December 25, 2011 91 Vixenz Arena VWF Femme Fatale Tenoh & Kaioh won the titles in a TLC Match.
Sailor Senshi
(Usagi Tsukino & Makoto Kino)
1 March 25, 2012 217 University of Phoenix Stadium VWF Vixenmania
Season 2
Sakura Haruno & Hinata Hyuga 1 October 28, 2012 57 Vixenz Arena VWF Retribution 2012 Lightning had attacked Sakura's partner Rinoa Heartilly forcing Sakura to compete alone. Sakura awarded the tag title to Hinata on S2E6.
VACATED December 24, 2012 VACATED VWF Nitro S02S13 The titles was vacated due to Sakura Haruno's injury on Nitro S2E09. Made official on Nitro S2E13.
The Dewynter Sisters
(Kiki Dewynter & Viola Dewynter)
1 December 30, 2012 91 Vixenz Arena VWF Femme Fatale 2012 The Dewynter Sisters defeated Makoto Kino & Minako Aino in a Ladder match for the vacated titles.
Jill Valentine & Lara Croft 1 March 31, 2013 111 Arlington, TX VWF Vixenmania II
The Dewynter Sisters
(Kiki Dewynter & Viola Dewynter)
2 July 20, 2013 127 San Diego, CA VWF @ SDCC 2013 The Dewynter Sisters defeated Jill & Lara in a VixenMania rematch..
Season 3
Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh 2 November 24, 2013 63 Vixenz Arena VWF WarGames 2013
Angels of Xtreme
Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong
1 January 26, 2014 63 Vixenz Arena VWF Rumble Roses 2014
Panty & Stocking 1 March 30, 2014 1240+ Las Vegas, NV VWF Vixenmania III Panty & Stocking won the titles in a Tag Team Turmoil by last eliminating Angels of Xtreme. The other participanting teams were The Gullwings, Gotham City Sirens and the Dewynter Sisters.

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