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Promotion Vixenz Wrestling Federation
Date March 25, 2012
Venue University of Phoenix Stadium
City Glendale, AZ
Theme Song "Propane Nightmares" by Pendulum
Last Event VWF Judgment Day
Next Event VWF Retribution 2012

The Card

Hell In A Cell Falls Count Anywhere Match for the VWF Championship; If Abdala wins, then VWF dies. If Ami wins, then Abdala's career is over.
Abdala Bin Laden (c) vs. Ami Mizuno

Battle of the Supernaturals; If Aerith wins, she heals Astarte. If Astarte wins, she sent Aerith to hell.
Aerith Gainsborough vs. Astarte

VWF Intergalactic Championship
Minako Aino (c) vs. Yuna

VWF Tag Team Championship
Haruka & Mirchiru (c) vs. The Sailor Senshi (Usagi Tsukino & Makoto Kino)

Queen of the Mountain Ladder Match
Rinoa Heartilly vs. LuFisto vs. Reiko Hinomoto vs. Hilary Duff vs. Rikku vs. Ashlee Simpson

Lindsay defends the Hardcore championship in Hardcore Frenzy

CAW Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for the late Issac H. "Omega"


# Result Stipulation
1 Ashlee Simpson def. LuFisto, Hilary Duff, Reiko Hinomoto, Rikku, and Rinoa Heartilly Queen of the Mountain Ladder Match
2 Usagi Tsukino & Makoto Kino def. Haruka & Mirchiru (c) Tag Team Match for the VWF Tag Team Championship
3 Yuna def. Minako Aino (c) Singles Match for the VWF Intergalactic Championship
4 Aerith Gainsborough def. Astarte No Holds Barred Match Battle of the Supernaturals; Aerith wins, she heals Astarte.
5 Michelle McCool def. Rei Hino (c) Hardcore Frenzy Finale for the VWF Hardcore Championship
6 Ami Mizuno def. Abdala Bin Laden (c) Hell In A Cell Falls Count Anywhere Match for the VWF Championship; Ami wins, Abdala's career is over.
  • 4. Abdala Bin Laden carry Astarte to the back before Aerith start healing on her.
  • 5. Rei Hino laid out Lindsay Lohan before the match due to flying off the titantron. Hino demanded a challenger and that challenger was none other than Michael McCool.
  • 6. Abdala came out as a freak of nature due to absorbing the Senshi powers. During the match, Ami got her powers and turn into Darkury. Ami pinned Abdala chokeslamming her from the cell roof. Afterward, Abdala was fired from VWF and Ami sent her to hell. Ami and her old friend Usagi Tsukino celebrated.


  • Hardcore champion Lindsay Lohan fought off Morgan Webb.
  • Wesley "Isaac" Hensley aka Omega was inducted into the CAW Hall of Fame by CCW's Scarlet Spider and Amanda.
  • Theo Clardy said what's up to Fred.
  • Before the main event, Abdala drained all the Senshi powers, absorbing them into her bracelet after she drained Astarte's life force. The force was of such great magnitude that Usagi and Makoto felt it. It even blew up Rei's car.
  • Ashlee Simpson sent an ominous message.
  • Hardcore Frenzy - Danica Patrick, X-23, Lara Croft, Jill Valentine, Sakura Haruno, Lindsay Lohan, Rei Hino, and Michelle McCool.