VWF Wargames
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Tagline(s) N/A
Promotion Vixenz Wrestling Federation
Date November 27, 2011
Venue Vixenz Arena
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Theme Song "Endgame" by Rise Against
Last Event VWF Retribution
Next Event VWF Femme Fatale

The WarGames Match:
VWF Champion Aerith Gainsborough, Ami Mizuno, & Hardcore Champion LuFisto vs. Al Qaeda

Queen of the Mountain Triple Threat Steel Cage Match:
Rei Hino v Makoto Kino (c) vs. Usagi Tsukino

VWF Tag Team Championship:
Tequila Sunrise (c) vs. Haruka & Michiru

Lara Croft & X-23 vs. Simpson Sisters

Gullwings vs. Team G4


# Result Stipulation
1 Gullwings (Yuna & Rikku) def. Team G4 (Morgan Webb & Olivia Munn) Tag Team Match
2 Hilary Duff def. Rinoa Heartly Singles Match
3 Tequila Sunrise (Dixie Clemets & Reiko Hinomoto) (c) def. Haruka & Michiru Tag Team Match for the VWF Tag Team Championship
4 Lara Croft def. Ashlee Simpson w/Jessica Simpson Singles Match
5 Usagi Tsukino def. Makoto Kino (c) and Rei Hino Queen of the Mountain Triple Threat Steel Cage Match
6 Al Qaeda (Abdala Bin Laden, Tifa Lockhart and Lindsay Lohan) def. Aerith Gainsborough, Ami Mizuno and LuFisto WarGames Match
  • 4 - X-23 came from the crowd and preventing Jessica Simpson from interfering in the match by knocking her out.
  • 6 - Aerith Gainsborough was injured in the match with a major concussion.

WarGames Match Results

Tag Team War

Draw Wrestler Order Eliminated by
1 LuFisto 1 Tifa Lockhart
2 Tifa Lockheart N/A SURVIVOR
3 Ami Mizuno 2 Lindsay Lohan
4 Lindsay Lohan 3 Aerith Gainsborough
5 Aerith Gainsborough 5 Tifa Lockhart
6 Abdala Bin Laden 4 Aerith Gainsborough

Miscellaneous Facts

  • X-23 was laid out in the back and taken to a local hosptial. The match between Lara Croft & X-23 vs. The Simpson Sisters was changed into a singles match between Croft and Ashlee Simpson.