WarGames 2K13
VWF WarGames 2K13
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Promotion Vixenz Wrestling Federation
Date November 24, 2013
Venue VWF Arena
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Theme Song "Sick of It" by Skillet
Last Event VWF Retribution 2013
Next Event VWF Femme Fatale 2013

War Games Match: Minako, Rei & Makoto vs. LuFisto, X-23 & ??? - If the Senshi lose, Mio Kuroki take ownership of VWF; If The Senshi wins, Mio leaves VWF and never comes back;

VWF Championship: Ashlee Simpson (c) vs. Usagi Tsukino

No Holds Barred Match: Ami Mizuno vs. Aerith Gainsborough

The Gullwings vs. Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong

Lightning vs. Erza Scarlet

VWF Tag Team Championship: The Dewynter Sisters (c) vs. Haruka & Michiru


# Result Stipulation
1 The Gullwings (Yuna & Riku) def. Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong Tag Team Match
2 Haruka & Michiru def. The Dewynter Sisters (Kiwi Dewynter & Viola Dewynter) (c) Tag Team Match for the VWF Tag Team Championship
3 Erza Scarlet def. Lightning Singles Match
4 Aerith Gainsborough def. Ami Mizuno No Holds Barred Match
5 Panty & Stocking def. Beth Phoenix & Awesome Kong Tag Team Match
6 Usagi Tsukino def. Ashlee Simpson (c) Singles Match for the VWF Championship
7 LuFist, X-23, & Yuna def. Minako Aino, Rei Hino, & Makoto Kino War Games Match; Mio takes over as VWF Owner
  • 6 - Ashlee tried to attack Usagi after the match, but Usagi retalited and clothesline Ashlee over the top rope onto the floor.
  • 7 - The Daughters of Darkness' mystery partner was revealed as Yuna. After the match, Mio told Fred that she bans him and the Sailor Senshi from VWF. She also orders the VWF and Tag titles surrendered on the next Nitro. And Fred's last order as leader of VWF was gives Mio the double bird and hitting a Stunner before he escorted out from VWF by security to end the show.

WarGames Match results

Tag Team War

Draw Wrestler Order Eliminated by
1 Rei Hino 3 X-23
2 Yuna 4 Minako Aino
3 Minako Aino 5 X-23
4 Makoto Kino 2 X-23
5 LuFisto 1 Rei Hino

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Usagi promised that when she takes the VWF Title from Ashlee that Ami would be her first opponent.
  • Mio Kuroki told LuFisto and X-23 that their latest member is in the building and she told them as well that her VWF will finally be realized tomorrow night with help of their newest member.
  • Panty Anarchy w/Stocking want a match against any team and Fred decided to give them the match.
  • Ami told Usagi that she will take the VWF Championship when Ami was heading out to her match.
  • The Senshi planed their strategy for the WarGames Match and made a promise that they will win the match for not VWF, but for Fred as well.
  • Haruka & Michiru got laid out by the Dewynter Sisters during an interview with Taryn Terrel about their tag team titles victory.
  • Fred have a meeting with Mio in one of the locker rooms before the main event and told her that the Senshi will win in the WarGames Match and when they win, Fred telling the words "You're fired" to Mio in the middle of the ring. Mio thinks that highly doubt it and told him that he will be embarassed by the NEW owner of VWF.

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