Video Game Championship Wrestling
Acronym VGCW
Establishment Late 2012 - present
Owner(s) "Bazza87" a.k.a. "Bazza McMahon"
Staff "Bazza87" (Series creator and broadcaster)
Bryan "BRYN4444" G. (Female Division broadcaster, creator of wiki and standings document)
Brian "TheTOH" Ballard (VGCW at Home spin-off broadcaster, co-administrator of wiki and standings doc)
Michael Lee Lunsford (Supernormal Step Training spin-off broadcaster, CAW creator)
"The Other John Dudebro" (EDBW broadcaster and YouTube archivist)
Formerly Video Game Character Wrestling
Website VGCW's Twitch channel
VGCW Wiki on Wikia
YouTube fan archive with chat
TV Tropes page

Video Game Championship Wrestling is a CAW league and live-streamed web series on Twitch that started in 2012, with archives dating back to 19 November 2012. The league is run by a mysterious British man known as "Bazza McMahon", who currently uses WWE 2K14 for the PlayStation 3 for his league, though it initially started with WWE '13 for the same platform.

The series is actually a fan sequel to another short-lived CAW league called /v/idya Wrestling Entertainment, which was created by a streamer known as "Antraxo" of a group called Team Swift. When /v/EW stopped streaming, "Bazza" decided to make his own CAW league based off of that league.

As its name implies, the CAW league features many famous and some relatively obscure video game characters recreated in the WWE games, though there are also various characters from comics, anime, and even a few from real life that also wrestle in the league.

Along with the main series, four spin-off series have also been made: Video Game Championship Wrestling: Female Division (or WVGCW), which is a female-only CAW league run by "BRYN4444" of Alberta, Canada; VGCW at Home, a non-canon reality show-like series using The Sims 3 for PC created by Brian Ballard of New Jersey; Supernormal Step Training (or SNST for short), a developmental though also non-canon CAW league run by Michael Lee Lunsford, creator of a webcomic called Supernormal Step; and Extreme Dudebro Wrestling (or EDBW), a successor series to SNST made by "The Other John Dudebro".

The series has become popular enough to be mentioned in a video game, Octodad: Dadliest Catch.[1] VGCW has the eponymous protagonist of the game as one of the many wrestlers in their league.

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