Viktor Armada

Viktor Armada
Names Viktor Armada
Height 6'4
Weight Unknown
Born Unknown
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Died {{{death_date}}}
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Resides Detroit, Michigan
Billed Detroit, Michigan
Trained by John Depp
Debut 2014
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Viktor Armada, is a CAW Professional Wrestler currently signed to OPW. He was once convicted into an asylum for crimes no one knows. He was trained by John Depp and debuted in mid 2014.


He was signed to OPW in mid 2014 by Triple H, the man who somehow managed to bail him out of the asylum he resided in. He would lose to TJ Nicholson in his debut and would not be seen again until the second anual OPW Royal Rumble CPV; where he interfered in the OPW Intercontinental Championship match between Shawn Dynasty and Dean Ambrose. Shawn was injured during the attack. The following night Viktor would claim himself as the OPW Intercontinental Championship and feud with Dean Ambrose until Shawn Dynasty returned. When Shawn returned they would feud until OPW Wrestlemania 2 where Viktor beat him to unify the Intercontinental Championship.

Championships and Accomplishments


In Wrestling


  • Spike Piledriver
  • Butterfly DDT


  • Big Boot
  • Knee Trembler

Entrance Theme

  • Shining - The Misfits

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