Viper(Josh Bordon) is a American professinal wrestler currently signed to Impact Pro Wrestling. Who Probably is the future of caw wrestling and calling himself "The Future".

Early Life

Viper (Josh Bordon) born in Miami Florida. Viper would be his schools number 1 Wide Reciever in Miami. Viper would sign a contract with City Championship Wrestling and he would get trained by Ric Flair and Triple H under the "The Future" Josh Stanton. But then resides from Hollywood Florida.

City Championship Wrestling

He would go their under the Josh Stanton beating Aaron Bader. Bordon would go on winning the title in CCW for 7 Months before that company would go under. He would go on to be beat CCW legends such as Stinger, BJ "Badass" Money, and John Michaels.`

World Wrestling Entertainment(Development Program)

After CCW ended he got signed to WWE to their Developmental Territory Florida Championship Wresting he would get signed their in March of 2008 when he would make a good living until a serious Knee Injury. In FCW Viper would go on to meet him current Girlfriend Beth Wilson (Beth Torres) who are know signed to Impact Pro Wrestling. He Would win the title againest Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) then would lose it to Sheamus. He would leave with Beth Wilson to sign with Impact Pro Wrestling.

Impact Pro Wrestling

Viper would get booked on IPW Battle Zone to face Ronin on very first episode.

Theme Songs

Shout At The Devil by Motely Crue

Break The Silence by Killswitch Engage

Finishers and Accomplishments

Viper Strikes (Front Wards Facebuster)

The Vipers Vise (Face Ward Arm Lock)

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