The Vivianverse Hall of Fame is a CAW hall of fame made to recognize the greatest competitors in the history of The Vivianverse.

Anyone who runs a Vivianverse CAW fed is allowed to name Hall of Famers; but must post a video announcing their induction, or else it doesn't count.

Current Inductees

Inductee Date Inducted Competed In Vivianverse Accomplishments
Verne Gagne 1/21/2012 DJW, WEDF (cameo), Jeri-MAX (cameo) NAW Hardcore Championship
Nick Cardio Coach 1/22/2012 New-WWE, NAW, RAWR RAWR Tag Team Championship (w/ DamaRJ), Has returned from the dead two times, Headlined a NAW Pay Per View
130Isaiah 1/22/2012 N/A N/A
Gabe Athouse 1/23/2012 WCDW, New-WWE, DJW Single-handedly defeated TNE's roster, Undefeated in Caw (at time of induction)
Bobby Lashley 1/23/2012 WEDF (though induction is based upon Josh's stream) WEDF Intercontinental Championship, WEDF Tag Team Championship
CJ Sellers 1/23/2012 N/A N/A
Big Bill Studebaker 1/28/2012 DCO (Vivianverse) The second biggest son of a bitch who ever lived
Ric Flair 2/6/2012 Jeri-MAX (Recurring) Watched an incredible match for a record setting 16 times.
Derek The V Extreme 2/6/2012 Various CAW Champion of Champions, DCO INTANESHENEL Championship
Legs Strokeworthy 2/17/2012 DCO (Vivianverse) Southern Heavyweight Championship, SCAW Championship, SMF Championship, Defeated Bryce Kanyon at CAWllision IV
Haduken 2/19/2012 WCW, DJW WCW Intercontinental Champion, DJW Blowjob Champion

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