World Caw Wrestling Federation is a new caw fed created by cbcarter30. Using some of the formula from World Caw Wrestling, WCWF will use some caws from WCW, some caws from TNA, and some WWE superstars. WCWF will be on WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011


  1. Lemarcus Carter (managed by Lady Meow)
  2. Jalin Brown (managed by Punky Brewster)
  3. Justin Gabrial
  4. Stardust
  5. Tikwan Coger
  6. Bryan Coger
  7. DJ (Managed by Nena Boston)
  8. Evan Bourne
  9. Bully Ray
  10. Rey Mysterio
  11. Kurt Angle
  12. AJ Styles
  13. Samoa Joe
  14. Austin Aries
  15. Kobe Bryant
  16. D'Angelo Dinero

World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

Crusierweight Champion: Evan Bourne

Main Eventers:

Lemarcus Carter

Kurt Angle

Samoa Joe

Kobe Bryant

Upper Midcarders:

Jalin Brown

Bully Ray

Rey Mysterio Jr.

AJ Styles

Mid Carders:

Tikwan Coger

Austin Aries

D'Angelo Dinero

Evan Bourne

Lower Midcard:

Bryan Coger



Justin Gabriel


  • WCWF Superstars (Episodic Show)

Season One CPVs (Click Per View)

  • Judgement Day (CPV)
  • Breaking Point (CPV)
  • The Bash (CPV)
  • TLC (CPV)

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