Bad Blood is a cpv produced by World CAW Wrestling (WCW). Bad Blood gets its name from WWE's pay per view of the same name, which ran in 1997 and 2003 and 2004. Bad Blood will also be the home of the Battlebowl 20-man Royal Rumble, in which the winner of the Rumble will be in the Main Event at November's Starrcade

Match Card

Ajax defeated John Morrison

TX3 defeated Stardust (c) to win the Cruiserweight Title

Scott Steiner defeated Sultan Shetty (c) to win the United States Title

The Damage Gauge defeated The Big Show & The Great Khali to win the vacated WCW World Tag Team Titles

Rick Acid (c) defeated Haduken (with Lita) to retain the Intercontinental title and earn a spot in the MITB Ladder Match at Starrcade

John Cena defeated Lemarcus Carter (c) to win the World Heavyweight Title.

Edge (c) defeated Randy Orton to retain the WCW Championship

Batista wins the Battlebowl Royal Rumble and will be in the Main Event at November's Starrcade.

Battlebowl Participants

  1. Shawn Dynasty
  2. CM Punk
  3. Lil Fly
  4. R-Truth
  5. Cid Phoenix
  6. Batista (Winner)
  7. Kofi Kingston
  8. Dolph Zigler
  9. The Miz
  10. MVP
  11. Mark Henry
  12. Sid Vicious
  13. Evan Bourne
  14. Chavo Guerreo
  15. JTG
  16. Kenta
  17. Ted Dibease
  18. Cody Rhodes
  19. John Morrison
  20. Ajax

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