WCW Breaking Point is a mega Click Per View (CPV) produced by World CAW Wrestling. (WCW).

Match Card

Chris Black defeated. Shelton Benjamin.

Stardust lost to The Miz (c) for the Crusierweight Title

John Cena lost to Triple H. Cena can't challenge for the WCW Title ever again.

Edge lost to Haduken (c) for the Intercontinental Title

Sultan Shetty defeated Scott Steiner (c) to win the United States Title

Bryan Coger defeated Tikwan Coger

Lemarcus Carter defeated Shawn Dynasty in a Hell in a Cell

Randy Orton defeated Batista (c) to win WCW Championship. But after the match, Rick Acid came out and cashed in his Money In the Bank Briefcase and defeated Randy Orton to become the new WCW Champion.

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