Slamboree 1

WCW Slamboree 2 is the second edition of WCW's first ever CPV. Slamboree gets its name from World Championship Wrestling's (WCW no. 1) pay per view of the same name, which aired from 1993-2000.

Match Card (Preshow)

U. S. Title Match: Bret Hart defeated Sultan Shetty to win the U. S. Title.

World Tag Team Title Match: Random Mexican KKK defeated Lucas Gomez & Alladin Hassan (Vertex) to retain.

Main Card

Drake Evansen defeated Mike Angel

Triple Threat match for the Cruiserweight Title: The Miz defeated Justin Gabrial and AJ Styles to retain.

Steel Cage match: Loser leaves WCW. Evan O'Shea defeated Shawn Dynasty. Shawn's WCW career comes to an end.

Intercontinental Championship: Matt Eichorn defeated Steven Spriter to win the Intercontinental Title

Bunkhouse Match: Jalin Brown defeated Haduken

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Caylen Rogers

Triple Threat match for the WCW Championship: The Suspect defeated Rick Acid and Lemarcus Carter to win the WCW Championship.

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