WEDF Bragging Rights 2
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Promotion WEDF
Date 06-05-2011
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City Green Bay, Wisconsin
Theme Song When World Collide - Powerman 5000
Last Event WEDF Unforgiven
Next Event WEDF Survivor Series 2

The one night where everything is about who the better brand is. Everything is Raw vs Smackdown, and everything is about brand supremacy on this CPV. This is the second ever Bragging Rights CPV, and the eighth CPV of Season 2 for WEDF. Every match is an interpromotional match. As announced on Episode 127 - Raw, the brand that has the most victories will receive a free draft pick.

# Results Stipulations Brand Time
Pre-Show Ezekiel Jackson (c) def. Mr. Kennedy Singles match for the ECCW World Championship ECCW 06:43
1 Matt Eichorn (c) def. Alberto Del Rio Singles match for the WEDF Television Championship Interpromotional 10:57
2 Zach Starr def. The Suspect Singles match Interpromotional 11:09
3 The Hardys def. D-Generation X Tag Team Champions TLC Match Interpromotional 06:54
4 Stone Cold, CM Punk & Samoa Joe def. Christian, Danny Jackpot & Dolph Ziggler Six Man Tag Team Elimination match Interpromotional 14:03
5 Bobby Lashley def. Randy Orton Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion Interpromotional 07:29
6 Brock Lesnar & MVP def. Evan Bourne Handicap match Interpromotional 01:31
7 Edge, Chris Jericho & Kane def. Kurt Angle, Jack Swagger & Rob Van Dam Six Man Tag Team Elimination match Interpromotional 12:42
8 John Cena def. The Rock Singles match Interpromotional 12:06
9 The Miz, Kofi Kingston & John Morrison def. Goldberg, Oshujax & Rey Mysterio Six Man Tag Team Elimination match; The brand that wins will have their title match take place Interpromotional 11:06
10 Kofi Kingston def. John Morrison (c) and The Miz Triple Threat match for the WEDF Championship Raw 08:56


4 - CM Punk walked out on his team, Danny Jackpot got disqualified intentionally after he hit Samoa Joe with a steel chair.

6 - Big Show joined with Kane and double chokeslammed Evan Bourne before the match leaving him to wrestle alone.

7 - Rob Van Dam intentionally DQ'd himself hitting Kurt Angle and Kane with a sledgehammer.

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