WEDF European Championship
Current champion(s) Daniel Bryan
Date Won September 25, 2013 (Episode 287 - Smackdown)
League WEDF
Brand Smackdown
Introduced February 4, 2012
Retired September 25, 2013
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First Champion Alex Riley
Last Champion Daniel Bryan
Longest Reign Alex Riley (463 days)
Shortest Reign Daniel Bryan (0 days)
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The WEDF European Championship was a midcard belt which was exclusive to the Smackdown brand at the time of its retirement. Originally exclusive to ECCW, the European Championship was announced by ECCW General Manager Michael Cole on Episode 181 - ECCW and the first European Champion was decided by an eight-man single elimination tournament which began that episode. Said tournament concluded on Episode 189 - ECCW when Alex Riley defeated Justin Gabriel in the finals to become the inaugural Champion. The final Champion was Daniel Bryan, who won a Unification Match for the TV & European Championship against Matt Hardy on Episode 287 - Smackdown.

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Event Notes
Alex Riley 1 February 29, 2012 463 Episode 189 - ECCW Inaugural Champion; defeated Justin Gabriel in the finals of the European Championship Tournament.
Matt Hardy 1 June 6, 2013 112 Episode 275 - ECCW Finale Defeated Alex Riley, Vito and Damien Sandow in a Fatal 4-Way.
Daniel Bryan 1 September 25, 2013 1 Episode 287 - Smackdown Beat Matt Hardy in a Unification Match for the TV & European Championship, Bryan is recognized as the final European Champion.

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List of individual reigns

As of March 18, 2018

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1. Alex Riley 1 463
2. Matt Hardy 1 112
3. Daniel Bryan 1 1

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