WEDF King of the Ring
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Promotion WEDF
Date February 27th, 2011
Venue O2 Arena
City London, UK
Theme Song Bugler's Dream and Olympic Fanfare Medley - John Williams
Last Event WEDF Fate of Champions 2
Next Event WEDF Summerfest

32 superstar tournament, trying to become King of The Ring. This is the first time WEDF has hosted a King of the Ring tournament. 32 will begin, but only one will be King of the WEDF. 32 superstars will start, however the final eight superstars will compete on this CPV, with the winner becoming King of the Ring, and receiving a Championship match at Summerfest. If a Smackdown superstar wins the KOTR tournament, they will face the World Champion, but if a Raw superstar wins the tournament, they will face the WEDF Champion at Summerfest.

# Results Stipulations Brand Time
1 The Suspect def. The Miz (c) King of the Ring Quarterfinals for the WEDF United States Championship RAW 08:12
2 Kofi Kingston def. Randy Orton King of the Ring Quarterfinals RAW 07:33
3 Danny Jackpot def. Zach Starr King of the Ring Quarterfinals Smackdown 08:52
4 King Booker def. John Cena King of the Ring Quarterfinals Interbrand 06:21
5 Abyss def. Kane Last Man Standing Match; Kane leaves Smackdown and was demasked. Smackdown 13:03
6 Goldberg def. Christian (c) Singles Match for the WEDF World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown 06:18
7 Kofi Kingston def. The Suspect (c) King of the Ring Semi-Finals for the United States Championship RAW 07:02
8 King Booker def. Danny Jackpot King of the Ring Semi-Finals Interbrand 06:53
9 John Morrison (c) def. Stone Cold, The Rock and CM Punk Fatal 4-Way Match for the WEDF Championship RAW 12:08
Main Event King Booker def. Kofi Kingston (c) King of the Ring Finals for the United States Championship RAW 09:20
  • 4 - Rob Van Dam interrupted the match with a promo against Cena.
  • 8 - Oshujax attacked Danny Jackpot pre-match.
  • Main Event - Batista attacked Kofi.

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