WEDF Rasslemania 2
WEDF Rasslemania II Logo
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Promotion WEDF
Date November 20, 2011
Venue Georgia Dome
City Atlanta, GA
Theme Song "Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner
Last Event WEDF No Way Out
Next Event WEDF Lashing Back 3

The showcase of the immortals, the biggest CPV of the Season for WEDF, where it all begins again, and the season finale of Season 2 for WEDF.

# Result Stipulation Brand Time
Preshow Batista eliminated William Regal last to win ECCW Championship #1 Contender's 20 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal ECCW 18:26
1 Evan O'Shea URW def. Verne Gagne (DJW), Steven Spriter IWT2, Caylen Rogers Wcwlogo, Andrew Liana NAW jpeg, and Jimmy Spade Neaterlogopatchy 6 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal Vivianverse 05:24
2 Matt Eichorn def. MVP (c), Sheamus, Kane, Booker T, and JBL Six Man Elimination Match for the WEDF United States Championship Raw 08:08
3 Jeff Hardy def. Zach Starr Extreme Rules Match Smackdown 08:30
4 Smokey & Wu Tang Man def. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Tag Team Match ECCW 07:36
5 Jeri-Show (Chris Jericho & Big Show) (c) def. Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio Tag Team Match for the WEDF Tag Team Championships Raw 06:11
6 Oshujax (c) def. Evan Bourne, Rob Van Dam and Dolph Ziggler Four Corner Elimination Match for the WEDF Intercontinental Championship Smackdown 08:46
7 R-Truth (c) def. Wade Barrett Singles Match for the ECCW World Championship ECCW 06:45
8 John Morrison def. AJ Styles Singles Match Raw 12:26
9 Sin Cara def. El Rojo Mexico (c) Singles Match for the WEDF Television Championship Smackdown 05:24
10 Samoa Joe def. Randy Orton Singles Match Raw 15:21
11 Bobby Lashley def. Alberto Del Rio Singles Match Smackdown 07:31
12 Triple H def. Brock Lesnar No Holds Barred Match Raw 08:45
13 Million $ Congregation (D'Angelo Dinero & The Suspect) (c) def. Edge & Christian TLC Match for the WEDF World Tag Team Championships Smackdown 10:14
14 Mark Henry def. Abyss Monster's Ball Match Smackdown 11:23
15 Shawn Michaels def. The Rock First time ever Singles Match Raw 11:22
16 CM Punk def. Hulk Hogan Singles Match Raw 13:42
17 Undertaker def. Goldberg No Holds Barred Match Smackdown 13:10
18 Danny Jackpot def. Kurt Angle (c) and John Cena Triple Threat Match for the WEDF World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown 13:25
19 Stone Cold def. The Miz (c) Singles Match for the WEDF Championship Raw 14:01
  • 3. Matt Hardy congratulated Jeff.

Preshow Battle Royal results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Justin Gabriel 6 Trent Barreta
2 Ezekiel Jackson 1 Justin Gabriel
3 Goldust 3 Great Khali
4 Santino Marella 2 Paul Burchill
5 Paul Burchill 5 Great Khali
6 The Great Khali 11 Batista
7 Trent Barreta 10 Great Khali
8 Vladimir Kozlov 4 Paul Burchill
9 Brian Kendrick 7 Great Khali
10 Tyson Kidd 8 Great Khali
11 Chris Masters 9 Great Khali
12 Alex Shelley 15 Batista
13 Batista - WINNER
14 Jeff Winninger 12 Chavo Guerrero
15 Chavo Guerrero 13 Batista
16 Chris Sabin 14 Batista
17 William Regal 19 Batista
18 Mr. Kennedy 17 Batista
19 Drew McIntyre 16 Batista
20 Shelton Benjamin 18 William Regal