WEDF Rebellion
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Promotion WEDF
Date October 19, 2012
Venue Wembley Stadium
City London, England
Theme Song "Monster" by Skillet
Last Event WEDF Night of Champions: Extreme Rules
Next Event ECCW One Night Stand 2

This is the fifth overall CPV of Season 3 for WEDF. During the event's live stream, After the Lesnar/Oshujax match. The booker of the Smackdown brand would quit due to negative criticism over the match. Though he would not quit live for the world to see, He did spoil that Danny Jackpot was taping out to Daniel Bryan in the 3 Way Match which happened when the ref was down. He then told the WEDF fanbase "fuck off". He would quit minutes after via Skype, assumed by Skype at least. Later, the event (and the feuds that led up to it) were nominated for several negative awards in Something CAWful's 2012 CAW Awards. It ended up winning the award for Worst CPV of the Year, and the show's Intercontinental Title bout between Oshujax and Brock Lesnar won Worst Match of the Year.

# Results Stipulations Brand Time
Pre FNW 24 Re-Aired during Pre-Show Stream FNW
1 Christian (c) def. Matt Eichorn and Shelton Benjamin 3 Way Dance for the WEDF United States Championship RAW 14:57
2 Drew McIntyre def. Ted DiBiase King of the Ring First Round Match RAW 10:58
3 Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio & El Rojo Mexico Tag Team Match Smackdown 10:45
4 Suspect & D'Angelo Dinero def. Jeri-Show (c) Tag Team Match for the WEDF Undisputed Tag Team Championships Interpromotional 16:33
5 Samoa Joe def. JBL No Holds Barred Match RAW 15:05
6 Dolph Ziggler def. The Rock Singles Match Smackdown 11:54
7 Oshujax (c) def. Brock Lesnar Singles Match for the WEDF Intercontinental Championship Smackdown 17:49
8 CM Punk def. Edge Street Fight - No. 1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship (If Punk loses he's gone from Smackdown) Smackdown 22:52
9 Shawn Michaels (c) def. Danny Jackpot and Daniel Bryan Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown 18:41
10 The Miz def. Stone Cold (c) Last Man Standing Match for the WEDF Championship (Miz won, he keeps his job in WEDF.) RAW 20:12