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Television Championship
Current champion(s) Rey Mysterio
Date Won May 12, 2016 (WEDF RassleMania 3)
League WEDF
Brand Interpromotional
Introduced Apr 17, 2009
Most reigns El Rojo Mexico (4 reigns)
First Champion Evan Bourne
Last Champion
Longest Reign Cesaro (651 days)
Shortest Reign El Rojo Mexico (13 Days)
Heaviest Champion Matt Eichorn (314 pounds)
Lightest Champion Swagg3r (80 pounds)
Other Name(s) Cruiserweight Championship
Past design(s) WCWbelt

The WEDF Television Championship, formerly the Cruiserweight Championship, is an interpromotional title used for superstars who aren't used on the regular shows as much, or high flyers. The title is being considered to be a regular title to be defended on Episodes of United. It will also be defended on Raw and Smackdown as well by its Champion. It is often compared to the TNA X-Division Championship. In addition, The Cruiserweight history is continued into the TV title history. Rey Mysterio is the current champion and is in his first reign.

Champion Reign Date Days held Event Notes
Evan Bourne 1 April 17, 2009 203 Episode 26 - ECCW Won the Cruiserweight tournament, defeating Chavo Guerrero in an Extreme Rules match to become inaugural champion.
Chavo Guerrero 1 November 6, 2009 88 Smackdown - Episode 40 This was a Triple Threat match also involving Zach Starr.
Zach Starr 1 Febuary 2, 2010 164 WEDF Last Resort
El Rojo Mexico 1 July 16, 2010 88 DCO Episode 4
Swagg3r 1 October 11, 2010 88 DCO Episode 7 Won a Four Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal.
Renamed from WEDF Cruiserweight Championship to WEDF Television Championship
El Rojo Mexico 2 December 30, 2010 13 WEDF Flame
Evan Bourne 2 January 12, 2011 42 Episode 96 - Smackdown
Paul London 1 February 23, 2011 15 Episode 105 - Smackdown London replaced El Rojo Mexico who didn't show up for the match.
El Rojo Mexico 3 March 10, 2011 20 Episode 109 - RAW Rojo defeated Paul London and Hurricane in a Triple Threat match. Rojo replaced The Suspect in the match by orders of Estrada.
Kane 1 March 30, 2011 29 WEDF Summerfest This was a Six-man match, also involving El Rojo Mexico, Hurricane, Paul London, Evan Bourne and The Suspect. Kane replaced Matt Eichorn by orders from Estrada.
Matt Eichorn 1 April 28, 2011 77 WEDF Great American Brawl
Big Show 1 July 10, 2011 25 Episode 142 - Raw
Santino Marella 1 August 4, 2011 91 Episode 147 - ECCW This was an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal also involving Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, Goldust, Paul Burchill and Vladimir Kozlov.
El Rojo Mexico 4 November 2, 2011 18 Episode 165 - Smackdown
Sin Cara 1 November 20, 2011 245 WEDF Rasslemania 2
Chavo Guerrero 2 July 22, 2012 351 WEDF Night of Champions: Extreme Rules This was a 2 Out of 3 Falls match.
Daniel Bryan 1 July 7, 2013 389 WEDF Scars & Stripes
Cesaro 1 July 31, 2014 651 Episode 304 - Raw This was a Six-Man Battle Royal also involving Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Alex Riley and Drew McIntyre.
Rey Mysterio 1 May 12, 2016 78+ WEDF RassleMania 3 This was a Six-Man Battle Royal also involving Cesaro, Drew McIntyre, Matt Hardy, Big Show and Adrian Neville.
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