WGE Royal Rumble
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Promotion Wrestling Games Entertainment
Date 11th November 2011
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City Atlanta, GA
Theme Song It's Your Last Shot by Politics & Assassins
Last Event WGE Smashing Point
Next Event WGE Wrestlemania
WGE Royal Rumble was WGE's third CPV and it was its first Royal Rumble event.


On Superstars, Mr McMahon announced the creation of the Superstars Championship. Over the coming weeks, a huge 20 man tournament took place involving everyone on the Superstars brand. Alex Riley and Evan Bourne made it to the end to fight for the right to be named the first ever Superstars Champion at the Royal Rumble.

Dolph Ziggler will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Rey Mysterio in a dangerous ladder match.

Drew McIntyre will defend his United states Championship for the first time ever against the former champ, Kofi Kingston.

Ever since The Dudleyz made their WGE debut, they have been constantly going after Rocky 3:16. They've previously put both The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin through tables. Finally, they get their shot at Rocky 3:16 for the WGE World Tag Team Championship in their specialty, a tables match.

Randy Orton and John Cena have been engaged in an intense rivalry ever since Episode 15. Cena was traded from Smackdown to Raw and made his Raw return match on episode 15 to beat CM Punk. However, after the match, Randy Orton came out of nowhere to RKO Cena. On the next Raw Orton explained his actions, saying that he was tired of being surpassed in the race for the World Heavyweight title. Cena came out and challenged Orton to a match at Smashing Point, which Orton won. On the following Raw, Cena was being interviewed by Todd Grisham, and Orton came out of nowhere to attack Cena. Since then there have been surprise attacks, brawls, heated arguments and tag matches, and it looked like nobody could stop these two from destroying each other. However, on episode 30, Raw GM Teddy Long had had enough. When Orton and Cena got into a brawl later that night, Long gave them a match at the Royal Rumble, and stated that if their feud carries on past the Rumble, both men will be fired.

On the Raw Supershow, Booker T won a Battle Royal to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. He will get his chance at Christian's world title at the Royal Rumble.

"The Game" Triple H will be defending the WGE Championship against "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, "The Rated-R Superstar" Edge, and "The Animal" Batista. All have good arguments as to why they should have a title match. Edge had a WGE title match against then champion, Batista at WGE Smashing Point, but Shawn Michaels distracted Edge, allowing Batista to get the victory. Shawn Michaels feels that he has been overlooked for far too long, and his recent matches agree with him. The former champion Batista also deserves a rematch, especially because the Smackdown General Manager Eric Bischoff screwed Batista out of his title. Now all men get their chances.

Finally, 40 WGE superstars will try to win the Royal Rumble match in order to get a World title match at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

# Match Stipulation Brand Time
Preshow Ted DiBiase defeated Jack Swagger Singles Match Superstars 8:51
1 Alex Riley defeated Evan Bourne Singles Match For The Vacant Superstars Championship Superstars 6:20
2 Drew McIntyre (c) defeated Kofi kingston Singles Match For The United States Championship Raw 7:14
3 Dolph Ziggler (c) defeated Rey Mysterio Ladder Match For The Intercontinental Championship Smackdown 9:39
4 Rocky 3:16 defeated The Dudleyz Tag Team Tables Match For The World Tag Team Championship Smackdown 8:49
5 Randy Orton defeated John Cena 3 Stages Of Hell Match Raw 24:55
6 Christian (c) defeated Booker T Singles Match For The World Heavyweight Championship Raw 11:37
7 Triple H (c) defeated Shawn Michaels, Batista & Edge Fatal-4-Way Match For The WGE Championship Smackdown 13:34
8 Wade Barrett is the winner 40-Man Royal Rumble Match Interpromotional 34:45

Royal Rumble Entrances and Eliminations:

# Entrant Order Brand Eliminations Eliminated by Time
1 David Hart Smith 2 Raw 0 Ezekiel Jackson 02:19
2 Sheamus 1 Smackdown 0 Shad Gaspard 00:58
3 Shad Gaspard 6 Raw 3 Tyson Kidd 04:39
4 Ezekiel Jackson 5 Superstars 2 Shad Gaspard 03:00
5 Jeff Hardy 4 Smackdown 0 Ezekiel Jackson 02:02
6 Ted DiBiase 7 Superstars 0 Tyson Kidd 03:13
7 Shelton Benjamin 3 Superstars 0 Shad Gaspard 00:46
8 Tyson Kidd 10 Raw 2 John Morrison 05:19
9 Rob Van Dam 8 Raw 0 Mark Henry 03:29
10 Vladimir Kozlov 9 Superstars 0 Mike Knox 02:50
11 Mike Knox 17 Superstars 1 The Hunter 09:58
12 Mark Henry 13 Smackdown 2 Zack Ryder 04:28
13 John Morrison 24 Raw 3 Kurt Angle 15:25
14 Yoshi Tatsu 11 Superstars 0 John Morrison 01:12
15 Paul London 12 Smackdown 0 Mark Henry 00:44
16 Zack Ryder 15 Superstars 1 Jack Swagger 02:48
17 Jack Swagger 16 Superstars 1 John Morrison 02:25
18 Cody Rhodes 14 Superstars 0 David Otunga 01:30
19 David Otunga 20 Raw 1 Chris Masters 06:13
20 Justin Gabriel 18 Raw 0 Chris Masters 03:04
21 Chris Masters 21 Superstars 3 Kurt Angle 05:49
22 The Hunter 19 Superstars 1 Chris Masters 03:13
23 Brian Kendrick 26 Smackdown 1 Kurt Angle 05:39
24 JTG 25 Raw 2 Brian Kendrick 04:33
25 Kurt Angle 35 Raw 7 Evan Bourne 12:40
26 Alberto Del Rio 23 Raw 0 JTG 02:33
27 Ken Awesome 22 Raw 0 JTG 00:33
28 CM Punk 29 Raw 1 Kurt Angle 03:49
29 Chris Jericho 28 Raw 0 Kurt Angle 02:11
30 Big Show 27 Smackdown 0 CM Punk 01:42
31 Abyss 32 Smackdown 1 Kurt Angle & Sin Cara 03:52
32 The Miz 30 Smackdown 0 Kurt Angle & Sin Cara 02:27
33 Alex Riley 31 Superstars 0 Abyss 01:47
34 Sin Cara 36 Smackdown 2 Wade Barrett 04:46
35 Matt Hardy 33 Smackdown 0 Kurt Angle 01:22
36 Evan Bourne 38 Superstars 2 Wade Barrett 03:32
37 Vance Archer 34 Superstars N/A N/A N/A
38 Wade Barrett N/A Raw 4 WINNER 04:11
39 Undertaker 37 Raw 0 Wade Barrett & Evan Bourne 01:02
40 Kane 39 Raw 0 Wade Barrett 03:01

NOTE: Vance Archer was originally supposed to be the 37th Entrant, but Mark Henry attacked him backstage, so he wasn't able to compete.