WNOW Great American Fight Part 146:03

WNOW Great American Fight Part 1

Great American Fight 2011 Part 1!

WNOW Great American Fight 2011
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Promotion WNOW
Date October 29 2011
Venue The Kentucky Center for arts
City Louville,Kentucky
Theme Song Alter Bridge-Rise Today
Last Event Misslemania 2009
Next Event Flashlash 2011

# Results Stipulation
1 Chuck Taylor(c) Defs Jerry Springer Singles match for Define Title
2 Ludacris Defs Tupac Icon vs Icon Matchup
3 The Brother defs Young Money(c) Tag Team Titles Match
4 Stone Cold Steve Austin Defs Dontae Nodq match
5 The Rock defs Chris Brown(c)&The Giant A handicaped match for WNOW world title

5-The Angry Video Game Nerd came out and helped the rock which turned it into a tag team match!

The great american fight is an annual event by the promotion WNOW it is where fueds either end or get fueled up! Part 2

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