WWA No Way Out is the 3rd CPV of season 1 and will be held in Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington.

PreShow Criss Omega def. Nightwing Singles Match
1 Fitch & Magnum def. Devin Harris & Tyler Rock #1 contenders Match
2 The Mortician(c) def. Melina Womens Championship
3 Shockwave(c) def. Extreme Vipers Tag Team Championships
4 Juvy def. CJ Hawkins Extreme Rules Match
5 Erik Stanton def. Drew Korth Singles Match
6 Nathan Slash vs Nightwing(c)Ended in No Contest 3 Stages of Hell International Championship Match
Main Ryan LaTorre def. Armageddon, CJ Wizard, Shawn Carter, TGO, James Mosier(c) Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match
  • 2 The Mortician retained the title as a result of a disqualification when Maria pulled The Mortician down off of the apron in plain sight of the referee
  • 6 Nightwing won the Street Fight, Nathan Slash won the Inferno Match, but the Hell in a Cell Match ended in No Contest after Ben Hopkins and Triple E interferred attacking both Nathan Slash and Nightwing to the point where they were both unable to continue
  • 7 Adam Saville broke into the Elimination Chamber and attacked TGO setting Ryan up for the win to become the new WWA Heavyweight Champion

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