WWA Royal Rumble is the 2nd CPV of season 1 and will be held in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles California.

PreShow Michael Magic wins Immunity against other NXT Rookies Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
1 Shawn Carter def. CJ Wizard Singles Match
2 Bull Dog def. John Cena Singles Match
3 Keller def. Shelton Benjamin Singles Match
4 Katy Walters def. Melina Extreme Rules Match
5 Shockwave wins 8-Team Tag Team Turmoil Match WWA Tag Team Championships
6 Drew Korth def. Ryan Singles Match
7 Nightwing def. Nick Hardy and Randy Orton WWA International Championship Ladder Match
8 The Mortician def. Dirty Diana and Trish Stratus(c) NEW CHAMPION WWA Womens Championship Triple Threat Match
9 TGO retains against Nathan Slash WWA United States Championship
10 James Moiser retains against CJ Hawkins WWA World Heavyweight Championship
Main Drew Korth wins Royal Rumble Match
  • 2.Bull Dog finds out after the match that Trish was just using him for revenge on John Cena.She also reveals that she is actually Drew Korth's girlfriend now.
  • 3.Shelton Benjamin tried to assault Keller after the match,but Keller dodged it and began to unleash hell on him and putting Shelton out of action as retribution for Shelton breaking his neck earlier in Season 1.
  • 5.several tag teams made their WWA debut.The Hardy Boys,Goldust debuted and teamed with Antonio with their team being called The Golden Shower, and Fitch and Magnum of FTW
  • 7.Nightwing was revealed as the man behind the coded messages Orton and Nick had been receiving weeks earlier.The message was decoded before he came out revealing that it said the phrase "Turning of the Night" which is the name of Nightwing's finisher.
  • 10.Juvy of BYU came out after CJ had delivered his finisher to Mosier and distracted him by announcing he had just signed a contract with WWA and Mosier would capitalize on the opportunity and did his finisher to Hawkins thereby winning the match.

11. Royal Rumble Match

Entry Order[1] Entrant[2] Elimination Order[3] Eliminated By[4] Time[5]
1 Keller 2 TGO 2:08
2 TLo 1 Keller and TGO 0:59
3 TGO 4 Nightwing 3:14
4 Nightwing 5 Nick Hardy 4:19
5 Fitch 11 Mr. Olympia 8:09
6 Triple E 3 Fitch 0:42
7 Nick Hardy 6 Bizzaro,Fitch and Bull Dog 1:58
8 Bizzaro 9 Jake Zapper 4:27
9 Bull Dog 7 Fitch and Bizzaro 0:27
10 Mr. Olympia 13 Juvy 6:33
11 Kinnikuman 8 Fitch 0:49
12 Shawn Carter 14 Christopher Xtreme 5:10
13 Jake Zapper 12 Juvy 2:37
14 Antonio 10 Jake Zapper and Shawn Carter 0:23
15 Juvy 18 Macho Man 4:52
16 Lightning 16 Juvy and Christopher Xtreme 3:10
17 Ryan 15 Juvy,Lightning and Christopher Xtreme 1:59
18 Christopher Xtreme 17 Juvy and Macho Man 1:54
19 Macho Man 22 Ben Hopkins 5:01
20 Ben Hopkins 23 Tyler Rock and Joel Killa 4:38
21 Magnum 19 Macho Man 1:04
22 The Executioner 20 Ben Hopkins and Macho Man 0:46
23 Devin Harris 21 Ben Hopkins 1:11
24 Joel Killa 25 CJ Wizard 2:44
25 Tyler Rock 24 Paul and Joel Killa 1:21
26 Paul 28 Nathan Slash and Drew Korth 4:37
27 CJ Wizard 26 Paul 0:48
28 Ace G 27 Paul 0:51
29 Nathan Slash 29 Drew Korth 7:48
30 Drew Korth WINNER - 7:07

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