WWA Wrestlemania is the 4th and final CPV of season 1

Match Card

Order Competitors Match Type Stipulations
1 Michael Magic vs Zack Carr Single Winner gets a gauranteed one year WWA contract and a titleshot at a secondary championship of their choice
2 Melina vs Maria Steel Cage
3 Alex Whitley vs Crystal Clear vs Dirty Diana vs Katy Walters FatalFourway Match #1 Contenders Match Womens Championship
4 Bizzaro vs Undertaker First Blood Match
5 Shockwave(c) vs Fitch & Magnum vs Revolution X vs Macho Man & Rey Mysterio Tag Team Gauntlet Tag Team Championships
6 The Executioner vs T-Lo Last Man Standing
7 Adam Saville vs TGO(c) Single US Championship
8 CJ Wizard vs Shawn Carter vs Paul vs Keller vs Erik Stanton vs Keller Money in the Bank Winner gets a shot at the Heavyweight Championship any time in the next year
9 The Mortician(c) vs Trish Stratus Single Womens Championship
10 CJ Hawkins vs Juvy Backyard Rules Ironman
11 Nathan Slash vs Nightwing(c) Single International Championship
Main Ryan LaTorre(c) vs Drew Korth vs James Mosier Triple Threat Heavyweight Championship

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