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November 2014 (non- broadcasted) - Present




Daniel Kennedy


Ruben "Brawller" Bernardino

World Wrestling Championship (WWCF) is a non-broadcasted original CAW Wrestling Promotion. WWCF is set out to bring the very best that CAW has to offer. With high impact contests and hard hitting performers, WWCF guarantees to make a name for itself in the world of CAW. The Rivalries are done in Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (PSP) with Universe and Story Designer.


Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Status
Brooklyn Sid Face Toronto Canada 1 0 Current WWCF Champion & Current World Tag Team Champions
Typhoon Earthquake Heel New York, New York  1 0 Current World Tag Team Champions & WWCF Television Champion
John the Crusher Heel North Carolina 1 52
Tyran Reigns Heel Detroit, Michigan  1 0
Carl Johnson Heel Los Angeles, California 0 0 N/A
Logan Black Face Tampa, Florida  0 0 N/A
Jack the Punisher Face Tampa, Florida  0 0
Dallas Wyatt Heel Saskatchewan,Canada 1 0
Jarrod Drover Face Saskatchewan,Canada  0 0
Mitch Smith Face Calgary, Canada  0 0 N/A
Jeff the Grn Heel Calgary, Canada 0 0 N/A
Justice Face Palo Alto, California  0 0 N/A


Title Holder Date Won Event
WWCF World Heavyweight Title Brooklyn Sid
WWCF Television Championship Typhoon Earthquake
World Tag Team Championships Omega ( Brooklyn Sid and Typhoon EarthQuake)
WWCF Women's Championship Lovely Angel

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