Live from The Glendale Arena for Pheonix Arizona


The Ulitmate Showcase WWF Championship match - Michael "MVP" Magic vs Whisper vs Gret(c)

TRO vs Ryan Edge

WWF World Heavyweight Championship match - Leviathon vs Chris Cage

BEW World Championship Match - The Giant Show vs Ct Cent

WWF US Championship Match - Sean Fliex w/B-Bling vs SCP

WWF Tag Team Championship Match -Bryan White and Ted Rhodes vs DX

Hell in a Cell Match - Scott Reaper vs Dan Angle

Johnny Code vs Paul "The Unbreakable" Butcher

Falls Count Anywhere -Sean Mir vs Oddkind

BEW Crusierweight Ladder Match - Mad Man vs Amazing Gold

Battle of the GM's - Doug Doan vs Ted Murphy

The Rebel vs The Big NANA

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