Wesley Wrestling Association was started by MrScottay22 after Scottay's regular show he usally did SWF Supreme Wrestling Federation was suspended from youtube and the birth of WWA was started in Febuary or early or late March with the owner of WWA being the first ever SWF Lightweight Champion John Wesley. Wesley has kept the spirit of SWF alive by signing stars shuch as Antonio James Moiser the last SWF Tag Team Champions Nick Hardy the last SWF International Champion and Drew Korth Wesley's greatest rival and the man who ended Wesley's Lightweight Title reign in SWF and was the last SWF Lightweight Champion.Now WWA looks to pick up where SWF left off but Wesley has brought in some new stars namely most of the guys from SWF's develpmental show SCW like Ben Hopkins Triple E Nathan Slash Bull Dog Alex Whitley to name a few.On WWA's first episode of WWA Raw long time rivals Drew Korth and James Mosier fought in the main event to crown the first WWA Heavyweight Champion in a brutal match Moiser would once again top Korth to become the first WWA Heavyweight Champion and win his first ever World Title in CAW.


WWA Season 1 CPV's

WWA Armageddon(San Antonio,Texas)

WWA Royal Rumble(Los Angeles,California)

WWA No Way Out(Seattle, Washington)

WWA WrestleMania(Houston, Texas)

Roster(WWA RAW Episode 2 Season 2)

Male Wrestlers

Name W-L Finisher Name Notes
Ace G 1-11 Sliced Bread No.2,Diving Leg Drop
Adam Saville 3-2 United States Champion
Antonio 5-12 Kiss Goodbye,Grapefruit Claw
Armageddon 2-2
Ben Hopkins 6-13 Powerbomb,Punt Kick
Bizzaro 4-4 Power of the Punch,Slamma Slam
Bull Dog 8-9 Super Chokeslam,Swing Sidewalk Slam
Chris Collins 3-0 1st Ever WWA Extreme Champion
Christopher Xtreme 1-5 666 Splash,Lift Off
CJ Hawkins 6-6 Hawks Wings
CJ Wizard 9-5 Bankrupt,Clothesline From Hell Mr. MITB
Devin Harris 4-5 Pretender Defender,Super Neckbreaker Pin
Drew Korth 14-12 Neckbreaker,Full Nelson Bulldog Heavyweight Champion, RAW GM
Erik Stanton 3-6 Stanton Striker
The Executioner 4-2 The Guillotine,High Justice
Fitch 8-3 Mic Check,Green Bay Plunge Tag Team Champion
Goldust 1-3 Suplex Lift Neckbreaker,Shattered Dreams
Jake Zapper 10-7 Swing Jawbreaker,Shooting Star Press Former Tag Team Champion
James Mosier 15-7 Nail In Da Coffin,RKO Former Heavyweight Champion
Joel Killa 2-6 Spear,DDT
John Cena 1-4 FU,STFU
John Wesley 2-0 Super Kick, Triangle Hold owner of WWA, NXT GM
Juvy 3-4 Final Fantasy(RKO),Punt Kick
Kane 8-7 Tombstone Piledriver,Chokeslam
Keller 6-8 Pedigree,Spear
Lightning 7-9 GTS,Pedigree Former Tag Team Champion
Macho Man 7-9 Macho Elbow Drop,Reverse DDT
Magnum 6-2 Powerbomb Tag Team Champion
Michael Magic 8-8-1 NXT Season 1 Winner
Mr. Olympia 2-8 Olympia Slam,Spinning Reverse STO
Nathan Slash 11-13 Original Sin,FlatLiner(Punt Kick)
Nick Hardy 10-10 Suplex Slam,Spin Splash Cycle
Nightwing 5-8 Turning of the Night 1st Ever International Champion
Paul 3-4 Dead End,Free Ride to Hell
Randy Orton 7-8 RKO,Punt Kick
Rey Mysterio 5-14 619
Ryan LaTorre 8-14 Emerald Fusion,Swanton Bomb Former Heavyweight Champion
Shawn Carter 5-9 Spinning Roundhouse Kick,Corkscrew Axekick
TGO 14-9 RKO,The Great Lock (Anaconda Vise) Former United States Champion
T-Lo 5-4 Flip Bottom,Osaka Street Cutter
Triple E 6-10 Playmaker,Backstabber
Tyler Rock 5-5 Rock of Ages(Flip Bottom)
Undertaker 9-4 Tombstone Piledriver,Hells Gate

Female Wrestlers

Name W-L Finisher Name Notes
Alex Whitley 3-7 Spear,Boxing Hook
Crystal Clear 2-6 Leg Drop Bull Dog,Diving Leg Drop
Dirty Diana 9-5 Sunset Flip Powerbomb,Leg Drop Reverse DDT
Katy Walters 3-6 Moonlight Drive,Facebuster
Maria 0-6
Maryse 2-4 French TKO,Snap DDT
Melina 9-8 Leg Drop Reverse DDT,Sunset Flip Powerbomb
The Mortician 10-6 Tombstone Piledriver,Queen Suplex Pin Womens Champion
Trish Stratus 8-8 Chick Kick,Stratusfaction Former Womens Champion

Other On-Air Talent

Name Finisher Name Role
John Wesley Super Kick,Triangle Hold WWA Owner
Tony Mack Commentator
Bryan Collins Commentator
TSM Commentator

Stables and Tag Teams

Team Name Members Notes
Brothers Of Destruction Kane and Undertaker
Extreme Vipers Nick Hardy and Randy Orton
Fitch and Magnum Fitch and Magnum Tag Team Champions
Golden Showers Antonio and Goldust
Manic Destroyers Nightwing, Ben Hopkins and Triple E
Revolution X Tyler Rock and Devin Harris
Macho Man and Rey Mysterio Macho Man and Rey Mysterio
Shockwave Jake Zapper and Lightning Former Tag Team Champions

Title History

Heavyweight Championship

Champion Defeated Location Date
James Mosier Drew Korth Las Cruces,New Mexico Season 1 Episode 1 Raw
Ryan LaTorre James Mosier(c), TGO, Armageddon, Shawn Carter & CJ Wizard Seattle, Washington Season 1 No Way Out
Drew Korth James Mosier and Ryan LaTorre Houston, Texas Season 1 Wrestlemania

United States Championship

Champion Defeated Location Date
TGO Antonio,Mr. Olympia,Nathan Slash,Shawn Carter and Triple E Hartford,Connecticut Season 1 Episode 5 Raw
Adam Saville TGO Houston, Texas Season 1 Wrestlemania

International Championship

Champion Defeated Location Date
Nightwing Nick Hardy and Randy Orton Los Angeles, California Season 1 Royal Rumble

Extreme Championship

Champion Defeated Location Date
Chris Collins Ace G Houston, Texas Season 1 Wrestlemania

Tag Team Championships

Champion Defeated Location Date
Jake Zapper and Lightning Fitch and Magnum Los Angeles,California Season 1 Royal Rumble
Fitch and Magnum Jake Zapper and Lightning Houston, Texas Season 1 Wrestlemania

Womens Championship

Champion Defeated Location Date
Trish Stratus Alex Whitley,Crystal Clear and The Mortician Las Cruces,New Mexico Season 1 Episode 1 Raw
The Mortician Trish Stratus(c) and Dirty Diana Los Angeles,California Season 1 Royal Rumble

WWA Alumni

Name W-L Finisher Name Notes
Jeff Hardy 0-2 Swanton Bomb, Twist of Fate
Kinnikuman 1-6 Frog Splash, Wild Brain Breaker
Matt Hardy 0-1 Twist of Fate
Shelton Benjamin 0-4 Pay Dirt, Super Kick

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