WorldWIDE Championship wrestling
Wcw logo
Acronym WCW
Establishment 2015-present
Owner(s) Shawn Henderson and Paul Henderson
Staff Shawn and Paul Henderson (WCW Owner's)
"The Destroyer" Jay Thomas (WCW Commentator/Cameraman)
Formerly {{{formerly}}}

WCW is a CAW league in it's second season and in a hiatus which is currently owned by Shawn and Paul Henderson.

WCW Debut.

The debut for WorldWIDE Championship Wrestling was a sucess as many wrestlers like Jeff Hardy, Hideo Itami and Finn Balor, and T/Jeff Jarrett and also Kevin Steen won titles! Also Shawn and Paul annouced the draft would be canceled and some titles would be taken away.


Season 1:Xplode Mike Anderson Finn Balor Jeff Jarrett Hideo Itami Kevin Nash Jeff Hardy Kevin Steen Adrian Neville Pentagon Jr. Kazuchika Okada El Generico AJ Styles Nick Jackson Matt Jackson Karl Anderson Chris Maverick T Kalisto La Parka Adam Cole Mistico Prince Puma Fenix

(THESE ARE A FEW CONFIRMED) Season 2: Adam Cole AJ Styles Roderick Strong Nick Jackson Matt Jackson Roderick Strong Jay Briscoe Mark Briscoe Kevin Steen Prince Devitt Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy(possibly, his match with Jeff Jarrett was brutal and both men we're injured in the end.) Chris Maverick Brian Kendrick Paul London Nick Mondo Dean Ambrose Sami Calihan/Solomon Crowe Sabu Tommy Dreamer (THESE ARE THE CURRENT CONFIRMED PEOPLE ON THE ROSTER)

Florida Championship Wrestling

On the start of Season 2, due to the problems with WWE2K15 and WWE2K14 being able to work again, Shawn and Paul Henderson made a developmental company called Florida Championship Wrestling, for the training center it is called FCW Training Center. The roster is empty but a few kids are joining.



Bullet Club: AJ Styles(CO-LEADER), Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Jeff Jarrett, T and Karl Anderson(LEADER) Young Bucks: Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson Kevin Steen and El Generico Itami/Balor: Hideo Itami and Finn Balor


S1 Champs: WCW World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles WCW United States Champion: Jeff Hardy WCW Crusierweight Champion: Chris Maverick WCW Hardcore Champion: Jeff Hardy VACANT WCW World Tag Team Titles: Hideo Itami and Finn Balor S2 Champs: WCW World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles WCW United States Champion: VACANT WCW Hardcore Champion VACANT: WCW World Tag Team Champions: VACANT and Prince Devitt(he must pick a new partner or the titles will be vacated).


S1: April: WCW Day 13


  • May: Nothing
  • June:

WCW Specials

WCW Saturday Night Wrestling SPECIAL!

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