World Caw Wrestling Entertainment
Acronym WCWE
Establishment 2008-Current
Owner(s) John Norman(CEO, President)
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Formerly Norman CAW Wrestling Association (NWCA)
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How It Began...

During the fall of 2006, John Norman was inspired by the action of World Wresting Federation (WWE) and thought of making one of his own CAW Show. He first made the federation known as Norman CAW Wrestling Associaton (NCWA), until the show filed for bankrupcy and was sold to World CAW Wrestling Entertainment. The show consists of the Smacdkown arena, having a roster of 30 superstars and is home to the WCWE, Smacdown, WCWE Tag Team, All Star, and WCWE Women's Championships.

Friday Night Smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown is to release it's first episode by September or October. Official Release date is to be determined. Although it has not released an episode online, it has a theme song (Survive by Rise Against), has a roster of 30, a general manager, and a developmental branch for upcomming rookies (Thursday Night Velocity). Friday Night Smackdown is yet to claim champions to their brand due to the lack of airing.

Smackdown Roster

Female Talent


Tag Teams and Stables

Other Talent

  • Theo Williams (Play by Play Commentator)
  • Daniel Robinson (Color Commentator)
  • Andrew Washington (General Manager)
  • Thomas Flash (Interviewer)

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