World Caw Wrestling Federation

World Caw Wrestling Federation

Acronym WCWF
Establishment December 25th 2009
Owner(s) JBL
Staff J.B.L{Owner}, CfCStinger/$t!nger09{C.E.O)Randy Jackson{G.M},Magreat Kerr{Interviewer}
Formerly n/a
World Caw Wrestling Federation is an Leauge Made By CfCStinger aka. $t!nger09 on Scaw,Wedf and Smf Forums, it launches The 25th of December with an Touarment. WCWF has two running shows called WCWF Legacy, the official theme is Step Up By Drowning Pool . WCWF Showdown's current theme is Never Gonna Stop By Rob Zombie  . Amd Another Show Called Interactive Where The Fan's Vote The Matches...  WCWF Interactive's theme is Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback.

World Caw Wrestling Federation

 WCWF Legacy Roster

Optimus Prime (Tweener)

50 Cent   (Tweener) 

Guile       (Face)

Ajax       (Heel)

Ghost Rider   (Tweener)

Jin Kazama    (Face)

Noob Saibot   (Heel)

Saskue     (Heel)

James Bond   (Face)

DeadPool    (Face)

Bowser (Tweener)

WCWF Showdown Roster

Eric Cartman (Heel)
Mr.T    (Tweener)
Han Solo  (Heel)
Eminem (Heel)
Jack Sparrow  (Face)
Elvis Pressley (Face)
Ronald Mcdonald (Face)
Spiderman (Face)

NightWing (Tweener)

Johnny Cage (Heel )

WCWF Tag Team's,Stables & Females(Compete On Both Shows)

British Invasion{Andy Davidson(Heel) & David(Heel)    

Extreme X{Drew Korth(Heel),Ryan(Face)& Bizzaro(Tweener)}

Mortal Kombat{Sub Zero(Tweener) & Scorpion(Tweener)}

Naruto{Naruto(Face),Sakura(Face) & Jiryia(Face)}

Team Premier Leauge{Wayne Rooney(Heel) & Fencia(Heel}

Krabby Patty{SpongeBoB(Tweener),Patrick(Face) & Squidward(Heel)}

Stratus Family{Trish(Heel) & Rebecca Stratus(Heel)}

Teen Titan's{NightWing(Tweener) & Star-Fire(Face)}




Trish Stratus(Heel)

Rebecca Stratus(Heel)

Britney Spears{Heel}

Lara Croft(Tweener)


Lady GaGa(Heel)

Harley Quinn(Tweener)


WCWF Champions

  • WCWF World Championship:Optimus Prime
  •  WCWF Intercontinental Championship:
  •  WCWF  Tag Team Championship:
  • WCWF Female Championship:
  •  WCWF  Interactive Championship:

Where to find WCWF

WCWF Cpv's and other Events

  • Ultimate Showdown
  • Destination: Hell
  • Bound For Victory{All Triple Threat Matches}
  • Survivors Rights{My Survivor Series
  • Battery & Assult{My SummerSlam}
  • Anarchy{All Extreme Rules Matches}
  • The Devils Playground{All Hell In An Cell Matches}
  • 'Last Man Standing'{My Royal Rumble}
  • Pay Back's A Bitch{End Of Season Finale}(Biggest Event In WCWF}

Other WCWF Shows

  • WCWF Legacy
  • WCWF Showdown
  • WCWF Interactive

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