World Non-Stop Wrestling
Acronym WNW
Establishment 2013
Owner(s) Trollskie
Formerly World Wide Non-Stop Wrestling Action
 World Non-Stop Wrestling is a professional wrestling CAW promotion founded by Trollskie. Youtube series is currently under production.

WNW Employees:

WNW Roster:

Name Hometown Alignment Finishers Title Status
Nathan Maverick Dallas, Texas Face Jackknife Powerbomb
Johnny Rocket Glendale, Arizona Face Shooting Star Press

WNW World Champion

Mark Killer Toronto, Ontario, Canada Face 450 Splash WNW Tag Team Champion
Ryan Killer Toronto, Ontario, Canada Face Chokeslam WNW Tag Team Champion
Anthony Anderson New Orleans, Louisiana Heel

WNW Television Champion

El Jefe San Luis Potosi, Mexico Heel
Jace Scatton Las Vegas, Nevada Heel
CM Punk Chicago, Illinois Neutral GTS
Adrian Neville Neutral
Bobby Roode Ontario, Canada Heel
William Regal UK Heel
DDP Face Diamond Cutter
Goldust Hollywood, California Face
Rob Van Dam Battle Creek, Michigan Face 5 Star Frog Splash

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