World Triumphant Wrestling
Acronym WTW
Establishment August 23rd, 2012 - Present
Owner(s) Josh Jepson
Staff Garrett, Nathan, Steven, TC
Formerly N/A

World Triumphant Wrestling (abbreviated WTW), is a WWE 2K14 CAW promotion created by Josh Jepson, who produces the league along with his co-producers Gage Grayson and TC. Nathan and Steven also help out.

Episode 1 was offically released on November 22nd, 2012.


Season 1 Results

Season 2 Results


Point Blank

Superstar Name Alignment Wins Losses Hometown Finisher Accomplishments
New WTW AJ Lee AJ Lee Heel 9 12 Union City, New Jersey MiniUnitedStatesFlag Black Widow Women's Champion (1x)
New WTW AJ Styles AJ Styles Tweener 9 13 Gainesville, Georgia MiniUnitedStatesFlag Styles Clash Do or Die Contract Holder (1x, Inaugural)
New WTW Alex Shelley Alex Shelley Face 6 5 Detroit, Michigan MiniUnitedStatesFlag Shellshock
WTW Asuka Asuka Heel 1 1 Osaka, Japan Japan Asuka Lock
WTW Bayley Bayley Face 3 2 San Jose, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag Hug-Plex
WTW Big E Big E Face 1 0 Tampa, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag Big Ending
New WTW Bray Wyatt Bray Wyatt Heel 6 3 Brooksville, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag Sister Abigail Tag Team Champion (1x) (Current)
New WTW Cesaro Cesaro Heel 9 17 Lucern, Switzerland Switzerland Neutralizer, Very European Uppercut
WTW Charlotte Charlotte Heel 3 1 Charlotte, North Carolina MiniUnitedStatesFlag Figure Eight
New WTW Chris Sabin Chris Sabin Face 6 5 Detroit, Michigan MiniUnitedStatesFlag Cradleshock
New WTW CM Punk CM Punk Face 15 18 Chicago, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag

G.T.S., Pepsi Plunge

New WTW Cody Rhodes Cody Rhodes Heel 16 23 Marietta, Georgia MiniUnitedStatesFlag Cross Rhodes Tag Team Champion (1x), Intercontinental Champion (1x)
WTW Colin Cassady Colin Cassady Face 2 1 Queens, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag Empire Elbow Tag Team Champion (1x)
New WTW Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Face 10 15 Cincinnati, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag Dirty Deeds
New WTW Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler Face 11 26 Hollywood, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag

Zig Zag, Sleeper Hold

New WTW Drew McIntyre Drew Galloway Heel 9 17 Ayr, Scotland Scotland Future Shock TV Champion (1x)
WTW Enzo Amore Enzo Amore Face 2 1 Hackensack, New Jersey MiniUnitedStatesFlag Air Enzo Tag Team Champion (1x)
WTW Eric Young Eric Young Heel 0 1 Nashville, Tennessee MiniUnitedStatesFlag Spike Piledriver
New WTW Erick Rowan Erick Rowan Heel 5 8 Minneapolis, Minnesota MiniUnitedStatesFlag Full Nelson Slam Tag Team Champion (2x) (Current)
Erik McGregor Heel 13 8 Pearl River, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag Pearl River Plunge Tag Team Champion (2x)
WTW Finn Balor Finn Balor Tweener 1 2 Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland Ireland Flag Coup de Grâce
New WTW Gage Grayson Gage Grayson Face 22 19 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada MiniCanadaFlag Damage Gage TV Champion (2x), Tag Team Champion (1x)
WTW Hideo Itami Hideo Itami Face 0 1 Tokyo, Japan Japan Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick
Irene Heel 2 0
New WTW John Cena John Cena Face 26 9 West Newbury, Massachusetts MiniUnitedStatesFlag Additude Adjustment, STF Season 1 Battlebowl Winner, WTW Champion (1x)
New WTW Josh McCloud Josh McCloud Heel 29 16 Miami, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag Endgame Tag Team Champion (1x), Intercontinental Champion (1x), WTW Champion (1x) (Current), First Triple Crown Champion
New WTW Kaitlyn Kaitlyn Face 8 7 Houston, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag Lotus Lock, Spear Women's Champion (1x) (Current)
WTW Karl Anderson Karl Anderson Tweener 0 0 Pipestone, Minnesota MiniUnitedStatesFlag Rocket Kick
Katrina Heel 2 0
WTW Kevin Owens Kevin Owens Heel 3 0 Montreal, Quebec, Canada MiniCanadaFlag Pop-Up Powerbomb
WTW Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston Face 4 17 Ghana, West Africa Ghana Flag Trouble in Paradise
WTW Luke Gallows Luke Gallows Tweener 0 0 Chicago, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag Gallows Pole
New WTW Luke Harper Luke Harper Heel 5 9 Buffalo, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag Discus Clothesline Tag Team Champion (2x) (Current)
WTW Natalya Natalya Face 4 6 Calgary, Alberta, Canada MiniCanadaFlag Sharpshooter
New WTW Nate Farron Nate Farron Heel 22 16 Buffalo, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag Bicycle Kick, Chokeslam Tag Team Champion (1x), Intercontinental Champion (2x)
WTW Neville Neville Face 7 5 Newcastle, England MiniEnglandFlag Red Arrow Heritage Champion (1x, Inaugural) (Final)
New WTW Paige Paige Face 3 7 Norwich, England MiniEnglandFlag Paige-Turner
WTW Rocky Romero Rocky Romero Heel 0 1 Havana, Cuba
Diablo Armbar, Gargoyle
New WTW Roman Reigns Roman Reigns Face 12 4 Pensacola, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag Spear, Superman Punch Intercontinental Champion (1x) (Current)
WTW Sami Zayn Sami Zayn Face 7 5 Montreal, Quebec, Canada MiniCanadaFlag Helluva Kick NGC Champion (1x, Inaugural) (Final)
New WTW Sara Del Ray Sara Del Rey Face 11 3 Martinez, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag Death Rey, Spike Piledriver Women's Champion (1x), TV Champion (1x)
WTW Sasha Banks Sasha Banks Tweener 3 2 Boston, Massachusetts MiniUnitedStatesFlag Bank Statement
New WTW Seth Rollins Seth Rollins Heel 9 22 Davenport, Iowa MiniUnitedStatesFlag Curb Stomp
New WTW Smokey Smokey Face 22 10 Georgiana, Alabama MiniUnitedStatesFlag SKO Do or Die Contract Holder (1x) (Current)
New WTW Summer Rae Summer Rae Heel 1 7 Raleigh, North Carolina MiniUnitedStatesFlag Summer Crush
Tiffany Clark Heel 3 1 Bow Down
Torri McCloud Face 1 2 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MiniUnitedStatesFlag Cloud Nine
WTW Trent Baretta Trent Baretta Heel 0 1 Long Island, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag Dudebuster, Gobstopper
Trish Face 0 0
WTW Tyler Breeze Tyler Breeze Heel 2 7 Daytona Beach, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag Beauty Shot
New WTW Tyler King Tyler King Heel 15 15 Grand Rapids, Michigan MiniUnitedStatesFlag Throne of Iron, Kimura Lock WTW Champion (1x), TV Champion (1x) (Current)
WTW Xavier Woods Xavier Woods Face 0 2 Atlanta, Georgia MiniUnitedStatesFlag Lost in the Woods
Zach Starr Tweener 1 1 Bismarck, North Dakota MiniUnitedStatesFlag Shooting Starr Press, StarrPower

Tag Teams and Stables:

  • Day of Reckoning - Erik McGregor, Kevin Owens & Nate Farron
  • The Dynasty - Katrina & Irene
  • Enzo & Cass - Colin Cassady & Enzo Amore
  • Motor City Machine Guns - Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
  • Roppongi Vice - Rocky Romero & Trent Baretta
  • The Wyatt Family - Bray Wyatt,Erick Rowan & Luke Harper


  • Chairman - Vince McMahon
  • Chief Operating Officer - Triple H
  • Women's Division Executive - Stephanie McMahon

Legends and Part-Timers

These are superstars who are considered not under contract to the main brand, but who are contracted under legends deals. These superstars are considered top legends in the company or considered to be part-timers who don't wrestle under a full-time schedule.

Superstar Name Alignment Wins Losses Hometown Finisher Accomplishments
Chris Jericho Face 19 12 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada MiniCanadaFlag Codebreaker, Walls of Jericho WTW Champion (1x)
Daniel Bryan Face 26 7 Aberdeen, Washington MiniUnitedStatesFlag Yes! Lock Intercontinental Champion (1x, Inaugural)
Kane Heel 3 2 Parts Unknown Chokeslam
The Rock Face 3 2 Miami, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag Rock Bottom, People's Elbow
Triple H Heel 1 0 Greenwich, Connecticut MiniUnitedStatesFlag Pedigree Chief Operating Officer


Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous Champion(s)
WTW Championship Josh McCloud 12/25/2015

WTW Do or Die 2

John Cena
WTW Intercontinental Championship Roman Reigns 7/17/2016 WTW Blood Ties 2 Nate Farron
WTW Television Championship Tyler King 7/7/2016 WTW Point Blank Episode 50 Gage Grayson
WTW Tag Team Championship The Wyatt Family 7/17/2016/7/24/2016 WTW Blood Ties 2/WTW Point Blank Episode 53 Enzo & Cass
WTW Women's Championship Kaitlyn 7/3/2015 WTW Final Verdict 2 AJ Lee

WTW Triple Crown

The Triple Crown is an achievement rather than an actual championship. It is earned when a superstar wins the WTW Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Championship. The Triple Crown can be won multiple times if a superstar wins all three tiers of titles more than once. So far, only one superstar has completed the Triple Crown: Josh McCloud.

Wrestler Times
Josh McCloud 1

List of potential Triple Crown Champions

The following is a list of all wrestlers (with championships won at a minimum of two levels) that can complete the Triple Crown by winning one championship. Those who are deceased, retired, or otherwise not employed with WTW are not listed.

Champion WTW Championship Intercontinental Championship Tag Team Championship
Cody Rhodes X mark Yes check Yes check
Nate Farron X mark Yes check Yes check

WTW Grand Slam

Another achievement possible rather than an actual championship. It is earned when a superstar wins the WTW Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, that Tag Team Championship, and the Television Championship. The Grand Slam can be won once they achieve all four championships in WTW.

List of potential Grand Slam Champions

The following is a list of all wrestlers (with championships won at a minimum of three levels) that can complete the Grand Slam by winning one championship. Those who are deceased, retired, or otherwise not employed with WTW are not listed.

Champion WTW Championship Intercontinental Championship Tag Team Championship Television Championship
Josh McCloud Yes check Yes check Yes check X mark

Former WTW Championships:

WTW Alumni and Unofficial Superstars



  • Point Blank (Episodic Show)
  • NGC (Former Developmental Brand, Episodic Show)


Season 1:

Season 2:

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Point Blank: AJ Lee · AJ Styles · Alex Shelley · Asuka · Bayley · Big E · Bray Wyatt · Cesaro · Charlotte · Chris Sabin · CM Punk · Cody Rhodes · Colin Cassady · Dean Ambrose · Dolph Ziggler · Drew McIntyre · Enzo Amore · Eric Young · Erick Rowan · Erik McGregor · Finn Balor · Gage Grayson · Hideo Itami · Irene · John Cena · Josh McCloud · Kaitlyn · Karl Anderson · Katrina · Kevin Owens · Kofi Kingston · Luke Gallows · Luke Harper · Natalya · Nate Farron · Neville · Paige · Roman Reigns · Sami Zayn · Sara Del Rey · Sasha Banks · Seth Rollins · Smokey · Summer Rae · Tiffany Clark · Torri McCloud · Trish · Tyler Breeze · Tyler King · Xavier Woods · Zach Starr
Legends: Daniel Bryan · Kane · The Rock · Triple H

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