Possibly the worst CAW league ever... or second worst, to WWEnterprise

World Wide Championship Wrestling
WWCW 2010 Logo
Acronym WWCW
Establishment 2010, 2011
Owner(s) David Del Rio Sean Evans Allise Montel
Staff Big Bills Hells(Owner) Sean Evans(Co-Owner) Allise Montel (Script Writer)
Formerly  ???


"We will do whatever it takes to rise to the top!"


except buy proper recording equipment. $10 Capture Card is far too much money.

And to get to the top, we outright steal other peoples videos and then delete peoples comments to pretend we didn't. It doesn't work, though...we only have like 20 subscribers, the majority of which are watching to laugh out how terrible the show is. We also self overpush, which is a a major problem in CAW. The owner also for some reason decided to open up multiple pointless accounts and sporadically and unpredictably uploads episodes across them, making this already hard to watch fed completely unwatchable and near impossible to keep up with.


Unable to accept the truth about WWCW, combined with the untimely death of Eddie Domainian, MrTheMiz2010 announced on December 30th, 2010, that WWCW would come to an end.


MNW Superstars

Matt Vine

Matt Hardy


The Miz

Carlos Sanchez

Gary Frank Simpson

Kurt Angle

Rey Mysterio

The Rock

Lil Biza

Niel Roll

John Cena


FNW Superstars



Mahatma Achmed

Kuneai Achmed

Davari Achmed

Rock Riley


Rob Van Dam



Sid Vicious

Brock Lesnar


Teryo Law

WWCW Alumni

Colt Robanna III



Nick Domainian

James Taylor

Shawn Harris

Tag Teams & Stables

Suspect & Eddie Domainian

The Indian Salitories (Mahatma Achmed, Kuneai Achmed & Davari Achmed)

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team 2 (Matt Eichorn, Kurt Angle & Sid Vicious)

The Whole F'n Pak (Pakman & Rob Van Dam)

Last WWCW Champions

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days

Monday Night Wrestling

WWCW Action Pack Championship Niel Roll 1 November 25, 2010 4 Named Himself Champion
WWCW TV Championship Eddie Domainian 2 October 30, 2010 28 John Cena Injured (Default Champion)
WWCW Tag Team Championship Nexus 2 October 16, 2010 17 Default Champions
WWCW Legends Championship Rhyno 5 October 16, 2010 42 Won Hardcore Invitational (Hosted By Edge)

Friday Night Wrestling

WWCW World Championship Big Bills Hells 1 January 2, 2011 +1 After Buying WWCW, Proclaimed themselves as the Final WWCW Champion
WWCW European Championship Dolph Ziggler 2 October 29, 2010 29 Def. Pakman
WWCW Tag Team Championship Nexus 2 October 16, 2010 18 Default Champions
WWCW Legends Championship Rhyno 1 October 16, 2010 43 Won Hardcore Invitational (Hosted By Edge)

Friday Night Wrestling

Controversy With New-WWE

New-WWE's Burb hated WWCW's style of CAW. She hated how we took other "Entrances" from Youtube, but WWCW fixed that and now BurbMEERKAT and MrTheMiz2010 are now friends. Shortly afterward, Eddie Domainian died.

Christopher Jericho Injury (August 10, 2010)

The Chris Jericho injury was one of the most serious injuries in WWCW. Four months ago Jericho got a concussion in a bike accident ramming his head into a Steel Gate Door. Jericho returned on October 16, 2010 with the fullest success of putting Ric Flair through a table by doing the Bulldog.

Purchase By Big Bills Hells

After Closing, Big Bills Hells Would buy WWCW, later proclaim themselves as the last WWCW Champion, and then Abandon the company, leaving it to rot in the "Hall Of Shame" forever

2011 Relaunch

on 3/6/11, SirBarrett2011 posted a vid stating the fed's return for 3/11/11. "epicness" awaits, including the imposter cyberdomanian

WWCW Websites


Year Award Category Result
2010 Something CAW Awards Worst Production Value Won
Worst CAW Show of the Year Won

e v WWCW Championships
MNW Championships: WWCW World Championship WWCW International Championship WWCW Tag Team Championships WWCW Hardcore Championship
FNW Championships: WWCW World Championship WWCW United States Championship WWCW Tag Team Championships
WWCW Hardcore Championship

e v Vivianverse CAW League
Main: iPW · Jeri-MAX · New-NAW · New-WWE · TCW* · WEDF · NESE
Developmental: DCO
Defunct/Former: OLW · RAWR · WWCW · HRW · WFC · TNE · WCDW · WCW · URW · NAW · IWT · New-TNA · DCWL · NSCW · SDA · DJW · JJPW · CAWllision · FNW

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