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World Wrestling Internet Federation
Acronym WWIF
Establishment November 28th, 2011 - 2012
Owner(s) Amethyst1Volt
Staff WWIF Staff
Formerly World Wrestling CAW Nation!
World Wrestling Internet Federation is a CAW version of the WWF. WWIF started on November 28th, 2011. The first show was the WWIF Draft between Raw is War and SmackDown.

Raw Is War Superstars

Superstar Align Finsiher Height Weight Accomplishments In WWIF
AJ Styles Face Styles Clash
Alberto Del Rio Heel Cross Armbreaker
Alex Riley Face
Bam Bam Bigelow Heel
Big Show Face W.M.D.
Bret Hart Face Sharpshooter
Brock Lesnar Heel F-5
CM Punk Tweener Go To Sleep
Cody Rhodes Heel Cross Rhodes
Damon Lasaroy Heel
David Otunga Heel The Verdict
Dolph Ziggler Heel Sleeper Hold, Zig-Zag
Dusty Rhodes Face Bionc Elbow
Edge Tweener Spear
Evan Bourne Face Airbourne
Husky Harris Heel
Jack Swagger Heel Ankle Lock, Gutwrench Powerbomb
Jeff Hardy Face Swanton Bomb, Twist Of Fate
John Cena Face Attitude Adjustment, STF
Justin Gabriel Face 450 Splash
Kurt Angle Heel Angle Lock, Angle Slam
Michael McGillicuuty Heel McGillicutter
The Miz Heel Skull Crushing Finale
Rey Mysterio Face 619
Ric Flair Tweener Figure-Four Leg lock
Samoa Joe Heel Muscle Buster
Shawn Michaels Face Sweet Chin Music
Titus Crofton Face
Triple H Face Pedigree
Umaga Heel Samoan Spike
Wade Barrett Heel Wasteland
Zack Ryder Tweener Rough Ryder

Raw Is War Tag Teams & Stables

  • David Ounga & Michael McGillicutty
  • D - Generation X - Shawn Michaels & Triple H
  • Undashing Perfection - Cody Rhodes & Dolph Ziggler

SmackDown Superstars

Superstar Align Finisher Height Weight Accomplishments In WWIF
Abyss Heel Black Hole Slam
Bobby Lashley Face Dominator, Spear United States Champion (1x, Inaugural) (Current)
Booker T Face Book End, Scissors Kck
Brodus Clay Heel Death Tongue Grip
Chavo Guerrero Heel Frog Splash, Gory Bomb
Chris Jericho Heel Codebreaker, Walls Of Jericho
Chrstian Face Killswitch
Dark Torture Heel
Drew McIntyre Heel Futureshock DDT
Ezekiel Jackson Face Book Of Ezekiel, Torture Rack
Goldberg Face Jackhammer, Spear
Hunico Heel
John Morrison Face Starship Pan
Kane Tweener Chokeslam
Kofi Kingston Face S.O.S., Trouble In Paradise
Mark Henry Heel World's Strongest Slam
Randy Orton Face Punt, RKO
Razor Ramon Heel Razor's Edge
Rob Van Dam Heel Five Star Frog Splash
The Rock Tweener People's Elbow, Rock Bottom
R-Truth Face What's Up
Sheamus Face Brogue Kick, High Cross
Sin Cara Face
Sting Face Scorpion Death Drop, Scorpion Death Lock
Stone Cold Tweener Stunner
Ted DiBiase Face Dream Street
Tyson Kidd Heel Sharpshooter
Undertaker Tweener Hell's Gate, Last Ride, Tombstone Piledriver
Yoshi Tatsu Face Yoshi Kick
Zac Dragon Face

SmackDown Tag Teams & Stables

  • Dark Monsters - Abyss & Dark Torture
  • Irish S.O.S. - Kofi Kingston & Sheamus
  • John Morrison & R-Truth

WWIF Management

  • Mr. McMahon - WWIF Chairman
  • Theodore Long - SmackDown General Manager

WWIF Championships

Championship Current Champion(s) Reign Date Won Days Held Notes
Raw Championships
WWIF Championship
WWIF Intercontinental Championship
SmackDown Championships
WWIF World Heavyweight Championship
WWIF United States Championship Bobby Lashley 1 12/11/11 3+ Bobby Lashley defeated Booker T for the Championship on WWIF Episode 2 - SmackDown.
WWIF European Championship
Interpromotional Championships
WWIF Tag Team Championship

Where To Find WWIF

You can find WWIF on this website:

Season 1 CPVs

WWIF Brain Surgery

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