World Wrestling Zone is a CAW Show that started in lated 2007 on October , 1 , 2007. that was being used with WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 video game. Its a CAW Show. The first show of world wrestling zone had CAW Low Ki and CAW Fox in a TLC ( Tables , Ladders , and Chairs Match ) . Low Ki won the first ever match of World Wrestling Zone. Later the
WWZ Joe Creed
video was taking down on YouTube due to copyright cause the video had the song

ladies and gentlemen. But the most famous World Wrestling Zone video was the match between Ash War and Joe Creed in a bar brawl . Ash War won that match by knock out. Ever since that match between Ash War and Joe Creed , they become the two top famous caws in World Wrestling Zone.

In 2008 World Wrestling Zone entered a whole new level in the WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 game. World Wrestling Zone CAW in 2008 became an important year for the CAW show cause World Wrestling Zone CAW started to created more caws for the show and other caw makers started to join the up coming caw show on YouTube. The first YouTube account user to join World Wrestling Zone was Animal1fan who created the black hardyz who were the first caws from another caw maker to join World Wrestling Zone in 2008 in the summer. CAW Lil Soulja became well known in the caw show when he beat Joe Creed in his debut match at the summer vacation show . Later that year Lil Soulja joined Ash War , Tempermenal , Joe Creed , Killa Killa , and Z in the first ever World Wrestling Zone Hall of Fame. During the same year caws like Monster , D-King , Blaze , Ajax , and many more World Wrestling Zone CAW in 2008 . But also in 2008 , World Wrestling Zone CAW have had some issues with other CAW makers due to how their CAWS where shown on the show. At the time World Wrestling Zone CAW tried putting their own CAW on the show rather than shove them away. The same issue came into 2009. In 2009 World Wrestling Zone CAW was no longer " the flavor of the month " and most people lost interest in the caw show. As 2010 came World Wrestling Zone CAW entered into yet another era. The Saint's Era. A rookie named Lil Saint won the World Wrestling Zone CAW Extreme Championship when he was in a match with Falcan . Ever since his first title run as WWZ Extreme Champion , Lil Saint started his own era .

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