The Emo God is one of WWZ's greatest legends of all time. 
Emo God
The Emo God
Names Emo Kid
Height 6'0
Weight 232 lbs
Born April 4, 1988
Birthplace Eau Claire, WI
Died Sometime in 2008
WWZ Parking lot
Resides Eau Claire, WI
Billed from Eau Claire, WI
Trained by Foghorn Sanders
Debut Early 2008
Retired {{{retired}}}

WWZ early start

The Emo God debuted in World Wrestling Zone CAW in early 2008. He came into WWZ as a normal CAW as a gay boy. He was Emo Kid.He was a skinny kid who wore emo clothes and walked out to the ring like a diva. He was also in the first ever WWZ PayBack Tournament. Even though he lost , he showed that that he can hang in WWZ. As time went on he renamed himself as The Emo Kid. He stopped being gay once Ash War's wife Rice helped him out. He had a whole new attitude. Just like many WWZ legends , he was in the first ever Final Count Down PPV. The Emo Kid had a match with Joe Creed and beat him in a match at Final Count Down. As time past The Ministry failed on its plan to control WWZ. As WWZ 2008 era came to a close 2009 drove into play


Joe Creed attacked him and the parking lot and gave him a DDT on the hard ground. At that moment he was dead , but Joe Creed planted a knife after cutting The Emo Kid's wrist to make it look like he bleed to death. The police never knew it was Joe Creed. The case was dimissed. But that didnt stopb The Emo Kid. After being brought back to life by The Undertaker , The Emo Kid as a zombie witch is Joe Creed's biggest fear. At that time period the ministry came back and planed on taking over WWZ. Many superstars jumped sides with The Undertaker and The Emo Kid ,many superstars were transformed into zombies as well.

World Wrestling Zone CAW 2009/2010 Era

In 2009 The Emo Kid returned into the new year even more deadly In 2009 The Emo Kid changed his named into The Emo God. In 2009 The Emo God became the WWZ World Heavy Weight Champion. As the year came to a close WWZ CAW Alliance came. In 2010 ,like many other superstars they stepped aside for alittle bit. As of recent The Emo God has been laid back and has not caused any trouble in WWZ yet.

  • Two Time WWZ Tag Team Champion
  • One Time WWZ World Heavy Weight Champion

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