18th February 2015 - 8th August 2015
10th August 2017 - Present"
Wrestling Games Entertainment
New WGE Logo
Acronym WGE
Establishment 19th November 2010 - 2nd November 2013

18th February 2015 - 8th August 2015
10th August 2017 - Present

Owner(s) Andrew
Staff Vince McMahon(Chairman)
Formerly Always has been WGE.

WGE is a CAW fed that was held on WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011, then WWE '12, and then WWE '13 for the Xbox 360 in it's original run. When WGE made it's first return, it used WWE 2K14. After WGE returns for a second time, it will be recorded on WWE 2K17 on the PC. It has a roster that is mostly made up of WWE wrestlers, but with a few original CAWs mixed in. It previously included TNA stars.

Season 1 Results

Season 2 Results

WGE History


WGE (Wrestling Games Entertainment) was founded in late 2008 and started on the WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2009 game on the xbox 360. It only had actual wrestlers and no fictional wrestlers at all. It was recorded with a camera. It had a few episodes but then stopped. It returned in late 2009 on the WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2010 game on the xbox 360 for 1 or 2 episode(s). It was also recorded with a camera.

Current Period

Season 1

In late 2010 WGE was formed, recorded using WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 on the xbox 360. This time it was recorded using a Dazzle DVC100. In episode 2 it had a draft and after that Smackdown and Raw had separate rosters and championships. WGE introduced the Superstars brand after the tenth episode. The Superstars brand is specifically for WGE jobbers and low-midcarders. It had a total of 40 episodes and 4 CPV's. Season 1 of WGE has now ended.

Season 2

WGE returned for Season 2 in January on WWE '12 on the xbox 360. WGE held it's WGE Draft once again. Surprising superstars were drafted to different brands, tag teams were created, tag teams were split up and championships were switched!

On November 2nd 2013, it was announced that WGE was closing.

On 18th February 2015, it was announced that WGE would return under a new channel, with new features such as HD video quality, a third brand: Insanity, and better booking. However, the third brand did not actually materialise, and WGE would once again close, this time without an official announcement, with it's final episode uploaded on 8th August 2015.

On 10th August 2017, it was officially announced that WGE would return once again, this time on WWE 2K17 on PC! This time major changes have been put in place to ensure WGE's sustainability. WGE will no longer have custom commentary, instead going back to using in-game commentary. This is to ensure that episodes can be produced and uploaded as quickly and regularly as possible. Secondly, the roster and planned storylines have made a major overhaul to adapt to the years that have passed since WGE's original run.

Season 2 has had 45 episodes, 4 CPVs, and 1 special thus far.

Season 3

WGE will return for Season 3 on WWE 2K17 on PC after WGE Wrestlemania 2, which is expected to be held in early 2018.

WGE Brands And Championships

WGE has two separate brands: Raw & Smackdown. It used to have a third brand, Superstars, which served as the brand for young and upcoming superstars. Here are the WGE Championships:

Name Of Championship Brand Current Title Holder
WGE Championship RAW Randy Orton
World Heavyweight Championship SmackDown Batista
WGE Intercontinental Championship RAW Cody Rhodes
WGE United States Championship SmackDown Jeff Hardy
WGE Unified Tag Team Championship


Awesome Perfection

Defunct Championships:

WGE Superstars Championship

WGE World Tag Team Championships

WGE Tag Team Championships

WGE Roster

Notes: No contests don't count toward the records. Royal Rumbles only count toward the winner's record.

Smackdown Roster (32)

Name Alignment Finisher(s) Wins Losses Weight Height Accomplishments In WGE
Abyss Heel Black Hole Slam 6 7 350lbs 6ft 8in
Adam Omega Heel Omegadriver 3 0 281lbs 6ft 9in
AJ Styles Face Styles Clash 9 7 215lbs 5ft 11in Smackdown Mr. Money In the Bank
Alberto Del Rio Heel Cross Arm Breaker 6 13 239lbs 6ft 4in
Andrew Hunter Face Spear 18 8 252lbs 6ft 3in 1x Superstars Champion (Final)
Batista Face Batista Bomb 15 11 290lbs 6ft 6in

1x World Heavyweight Champion

1x WGE Champion (First)

Bobby Roode Heel


Pay Off

3 2 240lbs 6ft 0in
Booker T Face

Scissors Kick


3 14 256lbs 6ft 3in
Brandon Adams Heel Final Revenger 15 9 227lbs 6ft 2in First Original CAW In WGE
Brian Kendrick Face Sliced Bread #2 0 5 185lbs 5ft 8in
Brock Lesnar Face F-5 8 7 294lbs 6ft 4in 1x World Heavyweight Champion
Bubba Ray Dudley Heel Bubba Cutter 2 9 326lbs 6ft 4in
CM Punk Face G.T.S. 19 13 218lbs 6ft 2in 1x United States Champion
Daniel Bryan Face Lebell Lock 6 5 210lbs 5ft 10in
D-Von Dudley Heel Saving Grace 2 8 280lbs 6ft 2in
James Storm Heel Last Call 4 1 230lbs 6ft 0in
Jeff Hardy Face

Swanton Bomb

Twist Of Fate

19 6 215lbs 6ft 2in

1x United States Champion

1x World Tag Team Champion

Kane Face Chokeslam 17 3 323lbs 6ft 11in 1x WGE Tag Team Champion
Kevin Nash Heel Jacknife Powerbomb 1 1 305lbs 6ft 10in
Kurt Angle Heel

Angle Slam

Ankle Lock

15 8 240lbs 6ft 0in
Mark Henry Heel World's Strongest Slam 7 11 412lbs 6ft 3in
Matt Hardy Face Twist Of fate 10 13 235lbs 6ft 2in 1x World Tag Team Champion
Paul London Face

Shooting Star Press

450 Splash

0 6 180lbs 5ft 8in
R-Truth Tweener What's Up? 4 7 220lbs 6ft 2in
Rey Mysterio Face 619 12 14 175lbs 5ft 6in 1x Intercontinental Champion (First)
Sin Cara Face C4 4 11 180lbs 5ft 7in
Stone Cold Steve Austin Face Stunner 17 4 252lbs 6ft 2in 1x World Tag Team Champion
Triple H Face Pedigree 14 15 255lbs 6ft 4in

1x World Tag Team Champion (First)

1x WGE Champion

Undertaker Face

Tombstone Piledriver

Last Ride

17 5 299lbs 6ft 10in

1x World Heavyweight Champion (First)

1x WGE Tag Team Champion

Wade Barrett Heel Wasteland 12 10 270lbs 6ft 7in

WGE Royal Rumble 1 Winner

2x World Heavyweight Champion

William Regal Heel Regal Stretch 4 13 243lbs 6ft 3in
Yoshi Tatsu Face Buzzsaw Kick 5 6 211lbs 6ft 1in

Raw Roster (29)

Name Alignment Finisher(s) Wins Losses Weight Height



Alex Riley Face Elevated DDT 11 8 236lbs 6ft 3in 1x Superstars Champion (First)
Alex Shelley Face

Frog Splash

Sliced Bread #2

2 5 215lbs 5ft 10in
Big Show Face KO Punch 14 9 441lbs 7ft 0in
Brodus Clay Face

What The Funk

Running Splash

4 1 375lbs 6ft 7in
Chris Jericho Heel

Walls Of Jericho


13 13 226lbs 6ft 0in

1x World Heavyweight Champion

Raw Mr. Money In the Bank

Chris Sabin Face Cradle Shock 2 4 205lbs 5ft 10in
Christian Face Killswitch 14 18 212lbs 6ft 1in 1x World Heavyweight Champion
Cody Rhodes Heel Cross Rhodes 12 14 215lbs 6ft 2in 1x Intercontinental Champion
David Otunga Heel Spinebuster 2 10 229lbs 6ft 0in
Dolph Ziggler Heel Zig-Zag 16 8 213lbs 6ft 0in

1x Intercontinental Champion

1x WGE World Tag Team Champion

1x Unified Tag Team Champion

Drew McIntyre Heel Future Shock 8 17 254lbs 6ft 5in 1x United States Champion
Edge Face Spear 15 9 241lbs 6ft 5in 1x WGE Champion
Epico Heel Backstabber 2 3 217lbs 6ft 0in
Evan Bourne Face Airbourne 8 13 165lbs 5ft 9in
Jey Uso Face Diving Splash 0 1 228lbs 6ft 1in
Jimmy Uso Face Diving Splash 0 1 251lbs 6ft 2in
John Cena Face

Attitude Adjustment


5 10 251lbs 6ft 1in
John Morrison Heel Starship Pain 8 11 209lbs 6ft 1in
Justin Gabriel Face 450 Splash 2 15 213lbs 6ft 1in
Kofi Kingston Face


Trouble In Paradise

13 16 212lbs 6ft 0in

1x Intercontinental Champion

1x United States Champion (First)

Michael McGuillicutty Heel McGuillicutter 1 9 227lbs 6ft 3in
The Miz Heel Skull Crushing Finale 17 14 221lbs 6ft 1in

1x WGE World Tag Team Champion

1x Unified Tag Team Champion

Primo Heel Backstabber 3 3 215lbs 5ft 10in
Randy Orton Heel


Punt Kick

15 14 245lbs 6ft 4in 1x WGE Champion
Rob Van Dam Face Five Star Frog Splash 5 13 235lbs 6ft 0in
The Rock Face

Rock Bottom

People's Elbow

16 9 260lbs 6ft 5in 1x World Tag Team Champion
Shawn Michaels Face Sweet Chin Music 13 16 225lbs 6ft 1in 1x World Tag Team Champion (First)
Sheamus Heel

High Cross

Brogue Kick

16 13 267lbs 6ft 4in 1x Intercontinental Champion
Ted DiBiase Face Dream Street 12 12 225lbs 6ft 3in
Tensai Heel

Clawhold STO


5 0 360lbs 6ft 7in
Zack Ryder Face Rough Ryder 12 9 214lbs 6ft 2in

Tag Teams & Stables

Name Members Brand Align Combined Weight Accomplishments in WGE
Adam Omega & Brandon Adams SmackDown Heel 508lbs
Awesome Perfection Dolph Ziggler & The Miz RAW Heel 434lbs 1x World Tag Team Champions, 1x Unified Tag Team Champions
Beer Money Bobby Roode & James Storm SmackDown Heel 470lbs
Dudley Boyz Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley SmackDown Heel 606lbs
Epico & Primo RAW Heel 432lbs
Londrick Brian Kendrick & Paul London SmackDown Face 365lbs
Motor City Machine Guns Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin RAW Face 420lbs
The Usos Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso RAW Face 479lbs
Yes Movement Daniel Bryan & William Regal SmackDown Face 453lbs

WGE Alumni & Superstars who competed without officially being on the roster

Name Wins Losses Accomplishments in WGE
Bret Hart 2 7
British Bulldog 2 3
Chavo Guerrero 0 1
Chris Masters 2 3
David Hart Smith 2 5
Evan O'Shea 4 3
Ezekiel Jackson 6 6
Finlay 0 3
Goldust 2 6
Heath Slater 0 1
Hulk Hogan 0 1
Jack Swagger 3 12
Jake Roberts 2 0
Jimmy Snuka 2 7
JTG 1 5
Ken Awesome 5 5
Luke Gallows 0 1
Mason Ryan 1 3
Mike Knox 3 3
Mr. Anderson 3 13 1x Intercontinental Champion
MVP 2 5
Ricky Steamboat 1 2
Ryan Lee 9 9 1x Superstars Champion
Santino Marella 5 4
Shad 1 5
Shelton Benjamin 1 3
Steven 1 1
Terry Funk 0 1
Trent Barreta 1 1
Tyson Kidd 2 5
Ultimate Warrior 5 2
Vance Archer 2 3
Vladimir Kozlov 2 6

Season 1 CPVs

WGE Smackdown Rawfare

WGE Smashing Point

WGE Royal Rumble

WGE Wrestlemania

Season 2 CPVs

WGE Smackdown Rawfare 2

WGE Smashing Point 2

WGE Money In the Bank

WGE Avenged

WGE Royal Rumble 2

WGE Final Stand

WGE Wrestlemania 2

Season 3 CPVs

WGE SmackDown Rawfare 3

WGE Smashing Point 3

WGE Money In the Bank 2

WGE Avenged 2

WGE King of the Ring

WGE Royal Rumble 3

WGE Final Stand 2

WGE WrestleMania 3

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