Wrestling Heaven Cruiserweight Championship
Current champion(s) Kaval
Date Won November 21, 2012
League Wrestling Heaven
Brand SmackDown
Introduced February 11, 2011
Retired March 26, 2013
Most reigns Paul London and Kaval (2)
First Champion Chavo Guerrero
Last Champion Kaval
Longest Reign Trent Barreta (183 days)
Shortest Reign Paul London (47 days)
Heaviest Champion Chavo Guerrero (225 lbs.)
Lightest Champion Kaval (174 lbs.)
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The Cruiserweight Championship is strictly for SmackDown's cruiserweight division.

Wrestling Heaven Cruiserweight Championship History

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Chavo Guerrero 1 February 11, 2011 N/A N/A N/A Inaugural Champion
Paul London 1 April 2011 N/A Providence, Rhode Island Wrestling Heaven Retaliation Pre-Show Won the Championship in a 6-Man Elimination Match which also included then-Champion: Chavo Guerrero, Justin Gabriel, Kaval, Primo & Trent Barreta.
Cody Rhodes 1 August 11, 2011 180 Cincinnati, Ohio Wrestling Heaven Episode 23 - Showdown Defeated Paul London for the Championship.
Kaval 1 February 7, 2012 58 Sacramento, California Wrestling Heaven The Great American Bash Defeated Cody Rhodes for the Championship.
Paul London 2 April 5, 2012 47 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wrestling Heaven Night Of Champions Defeated Kaval for the Championship.
Trent Barreta 1 May 22, 2012 183 Anaheim, California Wrestling Heaven Episode 60 - SmackDown Defeated Paul London for the Championship.
Kaval 2 November 21, 2012 125 Paris, France Wrestling Heaven Havoc In A Cell Defeated Trent Barreta in a Steel Cage Match for the Championship.

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