Wrestling Heaven Tag Team Championship
Current champion(s) Great Americans
Date Won June 6, 2012
League Wrestling Heaven
Brand SmackDown
Introduced February 11, 2011
Retired September 22, 2013
Most reigns ShoMiz (2)
First Champion John Morrison & R-Truth
Last Champion Great Americans/Brothers Of Destruction (First Undisputed Tag Team Champions)
Longest Reign ShoMiz (473 days)
Shortest Reign John Morrison & R-Truth
Heaviest Champion ShoMiz (661 lbs.)
Lightest Champion The Corre (Justin Gabriel & Primo) (428 lbs.)
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The Wrestling Heaven Tag Team Championship was SmackDown's tag team division's biggest prize, until it was unified with the Wrestling Heaven World Tag Team Championship to form the Wrestling Heaven Undisputed Tag Team Championship at Wrestling Heaven Showboating Liberties .
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Won title as a member of the Raw brand.

Won title as a member of the SmackDown brand.

Wrestling Heaven Tag Team Championship History

Wrestlers Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes

John Morrison & R-Truth

John Morrison (1) and R-Truth (1)

1 N/A N/A N/A N/A Inaugural Champions


Big Show (1) and The Miz (1)

1 N/A N/A Tampa, Florida Wrestling Heaven Episode 3 -SmackDown Defeated Morrison & R-Truth for the Championships.

The Corre

Justin Gabriel (1) and Primo (1)

1 N/A N/A Boston, Massachusetts Wrestling Heaven Episode 16 - SmackDown Defeated ShoMiz for the Championships.


Big Show (2) and The Miz (2)

2 July 30, 2011 191 Chicago, Illinois Wrestling Heaven Episode 20 - SmackDown Defeated The Corre for the Championships.

Edge & Jake Roberts

Edge (1) and Jake Roberts (1)

1 February 7, 2012 120 Sacramento, California Wrestling Heaven The Great American Bash Defeated ShoMiz for the Championships.

Great Americans

David Erro (1) and Jack Swagger (1)

1 June 6, 2012 473 Los Angeles, California Wrestling Heaven SummerSmash Defeated Edge & Jake Roberts for the Championships.

Brothers Of Destruction

Kane (1) and Undertaker (1)

1 September 22, 2013 0 Berlin, Germany Wrestling Heaven Showboating Liberties Defeated Great Americans for the Championships.

Bold = Current Champions